I'm Emili Beauteshmit, I'm 23-years old and lives in Berlin,Germany. I've been having these dream of my past, they're always the worst ones, never the best. I don't know what happened to me from what causing the dream/memories. Now everyone in town is scared of me, but some how this man started to help me. Well he make them stop? I may have to find out.


3. Chapter Three

I woke up, sitting up quickly. Whipping my forehead and looked at my hand, it was wet from my sweat. I just cleaned my hand off on the blanket, and stayed on the bed for a while, thinking about the journey. Just know that it was for getting rid of my 'dreams', how can I not get excited?!

I smiles, wait, me smiling? I couldn't believe it! I was smiling! I haven't smiled in years, or happy in that matter.

So after a couple minutes being happy, I noticed a piece of paper on my nightstand. I picked it up and saw there was writing on the paper.

Hey Emili, we'll start the journey late tonight. I know you really want to start it, but I have some stuff to take care of, it's very important. See you later tonight. ~ Al

I sighed, that was a real downer. Just now am I going to do till he comes? Well I could maybe read a book...Oh wait...I already read all the books I own... Well great, now I need to go into town and get some books.

I got out of my bed and walked to my bathroom. I started the shower water, stripped myself, and walked into the shower.


I got out of the shower and dried myself off. I blow dried my short hair and went to my bedroom to change. I got dressed in a black skirt the ended at my knees, a light forest green blouse, and black heels of course with tights. I styled my hair and did my make- up and looked at myself.

" Why did I dress up like I'm going somewhere important?" I thought to myself but decided just go and head to the bookstore.

I walked out of my house and headed to the store. People were getting out of my way from the sight of me, even when they were not even near me! Man, I couldn't wait for tonight to get away from this. Oh wait, I would probably have to move when the hole thing is over and start all over again... I sighed at the thought. 

I walked into the bookstore, and everyone went quiet when they saw me. They stared at me when I walked, they just watched me like a cat looking at a laser. It was really uncomfortable for me. For God sake I'm only here to get some new books, not to hurt someone!

Walking down a row of books with a few in my hands, I her some people talking on the other side of the shelf.

"Hey you know what we should do?", one of the men said.

" No, what do you have planned?" his friend replied.

"When we are on the same row as the monster girl, we should push down the bookcase, making all the other one fall with it! We won't get in trouble because people will say it was the girl!", they chuckles and agreed.

Why would they do that! It's just wrong.  I got the book I wanted and waited in line to bye them. When I was checking out the book, two men mistaken another women of being me and pushed the bookshelf over! I didn't get in trouble because, well, I was checking the stuff out. I calmly walked out of the store, the two men staring at me with the death look.

It's good I didn't get in trouble though! So now, I'm calmly walking back to my house.

-Al's POV

I ran away from Emili's house,nervous as hell, with the stuff she pack for the journey. I wondered why she wasn't there. Than I saw her on the streets with some books. Thank God she was okay. I tackled her and  down it made the both of us fall down to the ground.

-Emili's POV

All of a sudden a person tackled me! I looked at the person and noticed it was Al.

"Al, what the hell was that for?"

He looks at me, he was sweating and seemed somewhat stressed. He got up and said," We need to go, like right now."

He sounded rushed and in a hurry, he helped me up. 

" But what about my st-", he held up the bag that had all my stuff in, " oh..."

"There no time to explain!" ,He grabbed me and ran fast to the end of the town, when we got there a huge explosion happened. Al and I went down to the ground and covered ourselves, some rocks and other stuff hitting us.

We got up and looked at the down, a huge smoke cloud over it, where my house was....

"W-what was that?" I asked 

" I think you don't want to know," He started walking, "Come on we have a long way to go"

I nodded and fallowed him.

--Different point of view

A outline of a man came into view from the smoke, his bright red eyes being the only thing you can see.

"I'll get you brother, and you little girl too."


A/N I hopped you guys like it! Sorry if theres some bad grammar and spelling. Thanks for reading this far! 

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