I'm Emili Beauteshmit, I'm 23-years old and lives in Berlin,Germany. I've been having these dream of my past, they're always the worst ones, never the best. I don't know what happened to me from what causing the dream/memories. Now everyone in town is scared of me, but some how this man started to help me. Well he make them stop? I may have to find out.


1. Chapter One

I was held down to the lab table.

Five men holding me down.

So I can't escape.

The men wore masks and goggles.

They turned on a bright light.

As bright that it almost blinded me.

They blind folded my eyes.

I herd metal clinging.

They took off my clothes.

I was only in my under-clothes.

They started to cut my skin.

I scream in pain.

Screaming for them to stop.

They didn't.

I was thinking 'what are they doing to me?'


Just then I woke up, sweating and panting hard. I looked around my room, making sure nobody was around. There was nobody, so I got out of bed and dragged myself into my bathroom.

Seeing myself in the mirror, I looked like a mess. I just sighed at myself.

Those dreams just keep coming up, and they're always memories. The bad ones, never the great                     ones. Also they're always based on my past....I even daydream about them, or flashbacks, then something happens to me that I don't know what happened to me afterwards. But i have no idea how many people I hurt because of those dreams.

I decided to take a shower. While  I was, I was thinking of what to get at the market, because, well I need to get food.

After so, I got dressed in my normal black beater, dark forest green pants, and my normal Army Green over-coat. I dried my light blonde hair and headed to the market.

While I was walking, the people around looked at me in fear and disgust. Mothers were covering their children's eye when I passed them. When I walked by some I her them say 'what a monster, she doesn't deserve to live'. Just why would they call me that, it's so hurtful....

Just then I bumped into somebody, knocking both of us to the pavement ground. I calmly stood up and dusted myself off. When the man saw me he had a face full of fear and kept saying 'P-please P-PLEASE don't h-h-hurt me!' I calmly told him.

" I'm not going to hurt you over some stupid thing, and I'll never hurt a living thing."

The man ran off from fear, I sighed and the people around me looked pissed and scared. I ran to my house to get away from them. I guess I can't even go into public without people being scared from me or pissed. But just why are they scared of me?!

I ran inside my house, quickly putting away they stuff i got from the market.

After so, I went to my room to put away my jacket. When I came back I froze. A tall man with snow white hair and ocean blue eyes was in my living room.

After a couple minutes my voice cam back, " U-um sir, Who are you?"

He finally noticed me," Oh I'm sorry, my named is Alf, but you can call me Al for short." he walked around the room," and you must me Emili Beauteshmit hmm?"

Just how did he know my name? I never saw or herd of this man in my whole life!

"H-how do you know my name?"

He replied with,"Sorry, I can't tell you, it's a secret." he smirked.

" Then can you tell me where your from and why are you here?"

He chuckled, " I'm afraid I can't tell you where I'm from too, but..."

He pins me to the wall. He was so fast, it was non-human. His face was only inches from mine, and then he whispered," I'm here to help you with your 'nightmares'."


A/N: If you want me to continue please say so c: hope you liked it. 

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