I'm Emili Beauteshmit, I'm 23-years old and lives in Berlin,Germany. I've been having these dream of my past, they're always the worst ones, never the best. I don't know what happened to me from what causing the dream/memories. Now everyone in town is scared of me, but some how this man started to help me. Well he make them stop? I may have to find out.


4. Chapter Four

We kept running and never stop, well we ran for a while without looking back. Then Al stopped to take a break. I looked at him, he was kneeling down and panting hard. 

"You're lucky I found you in time," he said, still panting.

 He looked up at me, I really didn't know what to say to him....I just sat down on a rock and turned so he can't see my face. A little after he stretched and stood up straight.

" What about the townspeople?" I finally asked him, " Are they going to be alright after that explosion?"

" Questions, question, that's all that gets out of your mouth isn't it, but anyway answering your question, I'm not completely sure, but in my mind they'll be alright."

I began to think more about them, he said he wasn't sure they could be dead, then they might.

"Come on lets keep going, we need to go somewhere safe," He said walking over to me.

"Alright," I get up from the rock and got one of the bags," I kind of forgot that you brought these...."

He walked in the direction away from the town," Well we are traveling so we have to bring stuff to help us, or to keep you alive..." He muttered that last part.

" Huh, what did you say, after to help us." I fallowed him.

" I said nothing after that, lets just keep going." he said a little quick, he was hiding something..but what?

It has been hours sense we've been walking and I began to get tired. I was able to tell that Al noticed it so we decided to stop to set up a camp to sleep for the night. I sad on the group while I watched him set up the tent. My eyes became heavy and it became hard to keep them open, and I fell asleep right there.

Al's POV

I noticed that Emili had fallen asleep, it was no surprise, she was pretty tired. I looked at our bags of stuff we brought with us. I realized there was only one sleeping bag...This night can be an awkward night..I continued to get the camp set and when I decided that it was done I went to wake up Emili.

"Hey Emili," I shook her, trying to wake her up," Umm, Emili?" it wasn't really working.

I sighed.

"Well there's only one other way to wake her up," I said to myself.

I got my hand up and slapped her, she jolted away and held her cheek.

"Oww! What the hell was that for!" She yelled at me, "That really hurt..."

"Well I had to wake you up....and umm.." I had to tell her about the sleeping bag situation, But I didn't know how to.

" Well?" She said, needing to know what I was going to say.

" I'll just say it, we only have one sleeping bag so we're going to have to share.."

She lightly blushed at this, it was kind of cute. Wait what?! I'm not supposed to think that, I need to protect this woman. Liking her would make this whole problem worse! 

" Well...It wouldn't be nice to have you sleep out in the cold...So I guess its okay..." She said, I could tell she was nervous.

She went into the tent and got in the sleeping bag. I hope we both can fit in there....I got in after a little and we were able to fit in there to my surprise, though it was kind of crowded...Our bodies were really close to each other. It was quiet awkward for the both of us, but Emili was able to fall asleep.

Because of what I am....I can't really sleep, so I just watched her sleep making sure she was safe. I began to think really hard about this whole situation, as in needing to help her. She was going to have to find out what I am soon...When that time comes when she does she might not want to talk to me anymore..

I came back to my thoughts when i heard her make some faint noises, she was having one of her nightmares. I sighed to myself. No one should live the way she did...It was quiet horrible...

She Is the person I need to protect and take care of so she doesn't get them anymore, and I'll do anything to make sure she doesn't.

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