Spring Fling

Lindsey, Danielle, Mikayla, Amanda, and Savannah are going on a 2 week vacation to Miami for Spring Break. They stay in a beach house together, but who would have thought there neighbors are 5 boys? They make great friendships with the boys, and some people become mOre than just friends.


2. The call

Lindseys P.O.V

I was just laying at home watching tv like any other day. It was Thursday night and tomorrow was the last day of school before we have spring break. Then my cell phone went off, I looked at the caller ID and it said Aunt Dawn. I tiredly picked up the phone and said "Hi" to my aunt. "Hi Lindsey!" my aunt said happily into the phone. "I know you usually just stay home with your friends on spring break and hung around home.." my aunt continued. I wondered where she was going with this. "But?" I said into the phone, there was always a but. "But, I thought maybe this year you could mix it up!" she said. "In what kind of way?" I asked curiously. "I thought you might have fun going out to Miami and staying in a beach house with 4 of your friends! What do you think!" "Yes! That would be so fun"! I practically yelled into the phone. "Well I'm glad that sounds fun to you because I already rented a beach house!" Typical Dawn I thought. "I will text you the adress and things tomorrow and you can take 4 of your friends, talk to you soon! Bye" "Bye" I replied. This was going to be the best spring break ever.
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