Spring Fling

Lindsey, Danielle, Mikayla, Amanda, and Savannah are going on a 2 week vacation to Miami for Spring Break. They stay in a beach house together, but who would have thought there neighbors are 5 boys? They make great friendships with the boys, and some people become mOre than just friends.


5. Packing

Danielles P.O.V

I saw Mikayla slowly wake up. There was 1 minute left of class. "Hey guys do you want to ditch school" I asked. "Sounds good, I dont think I can take any more work" Savannah said. "I dont think its such a good idea" Amanda said. We all glared at her for a solid 10 seconds. "Fine!" Amanda screamed and jumped on the teacher killing him "lets go"!  Amanda shouted. We all jumped through the glass windows and ran for 12 miles untill we got home. I snapped back to reality and thought to myself "What if that really did happen". I chuckled to myself. "Fine" Amanda said sounding defeated. The bell rang and we all ran through the door.

Lindseys P.O.V

We grabbed our backpacks then headed out the door. "Wowzers this is going to be fun" Mikayla said. We all laughed.

***************************Time Passes*******************************************

Lindseys P.O.V

I was at home watching tv when Amanda called me. "Hey girl" Amanda  said "Hi" I said and laughed. "I just wanted to say that we can all go to Miami and were all packing now!" Amanda screached into the phone. "Great!" I yelled into the phone, "I'll start packing now!" I hung up and ran upstairs into my room. I grabbed my favorite striped bikini and 2 other ones too. I started packing all of my favorite shirts and shorts, i packed some yoga pants and a hoodie just incase it gets cold.

Danielles P.O.V

I was almost finished packing my clothes. All i needed to pack was my bathing suits. I packed my new bathing suit i had gotten last week. The top was hot pink with a white bow in the middle and the bottoms were white. I also packed some of my other favorite bikinis.

Savannah's P.O.V

I was shopping at Victoria's Secret looking for a bathing suit. i really wanted to look good this spring break, I finally stumbled upon the perfect bathing suit. It was red and it was strapless. I think i fell in love. i grabbed it off the hanger and went to check out. "This spring break im going to look good' i thought to myself.

Mikaylas P.O.V

I had just started packing and i looked for my baby blue bikini, it was my favorite. I was running around my house looking for it, but i couldnt find it. I ran into my brother, Nick. "Have you seen my baby blue bikini" i asked him. He just chuckled and said "Look in the basement." I ran downstairs and saw my brothers friend Jake walking around in my bikini. "Jake!" i screamed. "Crap" was all he could say before i tackled him to the ground. "Never touch this bikini ever again! Take it off!" I screamed. Jake put his hands up and said "I surrender, Ill go change now". After he had taken off the bikini i glared at him in through my bathing suit into the wash. "my brothers friends are weird" I said to myself.

Amandas P.O.V

I finished packing and zipped up my suitcase, i was about to walk out of my room when i realized i had forgotten to pack bathing suits. I looked into my closet and decided to bring my emerald green bikini, and my violet strapless bikini. Sometimes i thought i shouldnt wear bikinis but my friends are always telling me how skinny i am and brought me those 2 bathing suits.

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