Spring Fling

Lindsey, Danielle, Mikayla, Amanda, and Savannah are going on a 2 week vacation to Miami for Spring Break. They stay in a beach house together, but who would have thought there neighbors are 5 boys? They make great friendships with the boys, and some people become mOre than just friends.


6. Miami

Lindseys P.O.V

"Mom im going to be late!" I shouted at my mom. "Im sorry Im coming" she shouted back. She ran downstairs and we went to the car. "So do you plan on meeting any boys?" my mom asked me. I looked over at my mom and said "Yup, tons of them." She glared and me and I laughed.

 *******Some Time Later***********

We arrived at the airport and I saw the rest of the girls. I said bye to my mom and ran to the girls with my bags. "Your late" Savannah chuckled I laughed and said "Lets go!" We all got our bags and headed through the airport, Mikayla nearly knocked over an old man. We had 30 minutes until we boarded the plane. We decided to stop at Subway and all get 6 inch subs before we got on the plane.

After we finished our subs we headed toward the plane. We heard one of the flight attendants say "Boarding plane 769!" which was our plane. We ran up to the woman and handed her our tickets. We went through the tunnel to the plane and got on. "wow" i thought to myself there were a ton of people on the plane already. The rows were in 4's so two people sat next to each other. I sat next to Savannah and Amanda and Mikayla sat together behind us. "Guys!' Danielle practically screamed "where am i going to sit?" "Um, sit across from me and Savannah and hope no one sits next to you." I said to her. "Ok fine but on the way back im not sitting alone!" Danielle said then sat down. Then 5 loud boys came threw the door. I rolled my eyes and realized one of them was quieter then the others, he was sort of cute but I didnt think much of it. Two of them sat in front of me and the other two sat across from them. One of the boys stood there without a seat, he was tall, muscular and had short brown hair. He walked over to Danielle and asked "Um hey i dont have a seat so do you mind if i um" he trailed off. I couldnt help but giggle. Danielles face got pink and said "oh yea you can sit next to me, if that was what you were going to ask" at this point Danielles face was beat red. The guy sat down next to Danielle and they were akwardly sitting next to each other, there was another chuckle, not from me this time from someone in front of me.

Danielles P.O.V

I was caught totally off guard!! He probably thinks I'm a weirdo or something now. My thoughts were inturupted by deep voice that spoke "I'm Cooper, were going to be sitting next to eachother for awhile so why dont we get to know eachother." He spoke quietly but of course not quite enough, there was a snicker coming from behind me and I looked over and saw Mikayla practically dying. I shot her a glare and then looked back to Cooper. "I'm Danielle" I said softly



        *******Several hours later*******

Me and Cooper were laughing so hard at a joke he just made. I felt like i was going to pass out. Our laughter stopped when we heard a ringing noise. We listened and heard the pilot on the speakers "Thank you for riding Southwest airlines have a good day." I hadn't even realized we were already landed at the airport. People started getting up and leaving and I heard someone yell "Come on Cooper" and with that Cooper said a quick "bye nice meeting you" and was gone. I looked over to the girls and we exited the plane. "I'm starving" Amanda pointed out and we all agreed to go to Taco Bell.

Amandas P.O.V

I could tell Danielle was sad that Cooper was gone.. But I didnt dare point it out. We finished our tacos and headed over to the luggage wheel. We found our lugagge and headed outside to get a cab. We waited for abot 10 minutes and then a cab was ready for us. We got in and Lindsey gave the man the directions to our house. I played on my phone until we got to the house. I looked up from my phone and looked at the house, it was huge! I stepped outside and Lindsey payed the man and said "thank you." I ran to the door and took out the keys (Lindsey didnt trust herself to hold on to them). I put the key in the hole and turned it. I flung the door open and everyone ran in. We all ran upstairs and called our rooms. I got the one with a full sized bed an purple walls.

Savannahs P.O.V

I put my stuff in my room and ran downstairs. I was still hungry. "GUYS!" I screamed upstairs "what!" they said together. "Shouldnt we get some food?!" I yelled. Mikayla came downstairs and said "Good point." The rest of the girls came downstairs and Danielle said "do we have a car here." She looked at Lindsey and she was quiet. "Hello??" I said "Dont over react to much but my Aunt rented out 5 camaros.." Lindsey mumbed. Everyone was silent and then I screamed and ran to the garage wih everyone behind me. I looked into the garage and saw 5 Camaros, a purple one, a green one, a hot pink one, a blue one, and a red one. I ran to the red one and said "sweet!" Lindsey tossed me keys and ran to the green one. Danielle got the pink one, Amanda the purple one and Mikayla the blue one. Lindsey gave everyone keys and opened the garage. We headed to the store. We arrived to the store in about 2 minutes, it was closer than I thought it was. We all parked and my heart was still thumping, Lindseys Aunt is so cool! We walked inside and Lindsey got a cart and we all split up to find things.

Lindseys P.O.V

I grabbed a cart and started to walk around while the girls went looking for stuff. I turned a corner of an aisle and someones cart ran into mine, I looked up and saw.....


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