Spring Fling

Lindsey, Danielle, Mikayla, Amanda, and Savannah are going on a 2 week vacation to Miami for Spring Break. They stay in a beach house together, but who would have thought there neighbors are 5 boys? They make great friendships with the boys, and some people become mOre than just friends.


9. Meeting eachother

Amandas P.O.V

"Shouldn't we get our bathing suits on then?" Savannah chuckled. We smiled and went inside. Lindsey ran back ouside said "Stay right here" then came upstairs. We all went to our rooms and I got in mine and shut the door. I was glad i had packe bikinis, that would be akward if I were the only one without one. I grabbed my green bikini and went into the bathroom. I got changed and looked at myself in the mirror.

Parkers P.O.V

"I'm thirsty." I said out loud. "There is water is a pitcher over there." Zig said pointing over near the pool. I went over and grabbed a plastic cup and filled it up with water and walked back over with the boys. I took a long sip of my water and heard someone coming downstairs to I glanced over to the house. At that moment I spit water all over myself. "Smooth" Noah chuckled. I saw a girl with long curly brown hair walk towards us in an emerald green bikini. She was beautiful. She was smiling, I hoped she hadnt seen me basically spit up all over myself. God I'm stupid. She came up towards us and looked at me and giggled. All the other girls came downstairs and Danielle said "shouldnt we say our names since only some of us know eachother." She glanced over to Cooper and smiled. "Okay, Ill start, I'm Savannah." The girl with long straight brown hair said. "I'm Lindsey." The girl with long blonde hair said. I glanced at Zig and smirked. He gave me a glare as to say "I'm going to kill you." Sure I'll admit Lindsey was cute but I had my eye on someone else. "Mikayla." the girl with long wavy brown hair said putting up her hand. "Noah." Noah said and went and shook Mikaylas hand. Yup thats Noah I thought to myself.  "Damian." "Zig" "Parker" we all said going down the line. I stared at the girl with the green bikini waiting for her to share her name but then Cooper said "Well thats everyone." and started walking away. "Wait!" I called out. Everyone stared at me and I pointed over and said "We forgot her." "I'm Amanda." she said and blushed. "Happy?" Cooper said and laughed and walked away. It just left me and her akwardly standing there.

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