Spring Fling

Lindsey, Danielle, Mikayla, Amanda, and Savannah are going on a 2 week vacation to Miami for Spring Break. They stay in a beach house together, but who would have thought there neighbors are 5 boys? They make great friendships with the boys, and some people become mOre than just friends.


4. Excitment

Danielle P.O.V

"Okay guys i have something to say" Lindsey said. "What is it" i asked concerned. "Well...." Lindsey continued. "Spit it out girl" Mikayla yelled attracting some attention our way. I didnt mind though. "My Aunt Dawn was going to stay in a beach house in Miami with her family, but, she has to go away to a business meeting for Spring break so she had already rented out the house, and no ones going to be there!" Lindsey spoke. "Fasinating story Lindsey, but, why is that so important" I said. "It's so important because she asked me if i could go and take 3 of my friends" Lindsey cheered. "Oh my god!" we all yelled. "But wait, there is 4 of us plus you, so someone cant go" I said sadly. "Yea, I know, your not going Danielle." she said like it meant nothing to her. My face dropped, I felt tears brimming in the corners of my eyes, but I wouldnt cry, not in front of everyone. Savannah, Amanda, and Mikayla sat there akwardly not knowing what to do or say. Then i saw an evil smile coming on to Lindsey's face. "Im just kidding!" she practically shouted. My face picked up "Lindsey! Dont ever do that again!" I said punching Lindsey in the arm. She giggled and said "you should of seen the look on your face!"

Mikaylas P.O.V

Im so glad Lindsey was joking. If Danielle didnt go with us the trip would have been less fun, and i think Lindsey and Danielle would not be good friends any more. "So do you think you guys can go?" Lindsey asked. Everyone talked and said they would see if they were doing anything. "If we can all go when would we go?" i asked. "We would all pack tonight and then get on an airplane tomorrow around 2:00PM my aunt already has plane tickets and things." Lindsey said. "Okay class" Mr. Smith began.

**********************************30 minutes into Mr.Smiths Lecture************************************

I felt myself dozing off. I had gotten very little sleep last night. I yawned, steadily I fell aleep.
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