Lovely and painful, love

Adeline had a pretty perfect life, she achievement a exchange from her country US to London, where she met her first big love, and her first big big pain too. One day her world climbed to the starts and the other it decayed to the hell. Accompany Adeline to find what realy happen with her loved one, why he still appears like a ghost... Is her mind? and why she feels so desperately lonely, If he was just a boy...


4. The speech


-Miss Fergins- Said the professor that was giving a class in the classroom 114- You are late in your first day.

-I’m so sorry Sr, I lost- I said and quickly tokk of Harry’s hands, who stand ahead me. – I brought her up here, I found her lost in the garden- The professor frowned at the sight of Harry, it looks like he wasn’t charming with the professors from the school.

-Styles, well thanks, but I believe more if she tells me that you kept her 'busy' with your jokes, to you help her to come up here. Now go to your classroom- For a moment I stayed thoughtful, Harry didn’t go with me? He noticed me confused and he said me ‘Third year’ to my ear ‘I go to third year’, after that he went like an authentic crazy man, smiling blatantly to the professor and walking with condescension.

I went to the classroom and presented me to everyone there, I have the most part of the class listening the accent of my classmates, it seems to me very funny, it really liked me. Suddenly I felt a thin and cold fingers hitting my back gently.

-Hello, I’m Amanda- I smiled to her and said her my name – So you are the new exchange student, well if you someday need help and you don’t want to ask it to the crazy Cassie, just said me, Okay? – I nodded, she looks very friendly and I thought the same about Cassie – Oh, certainly… Harry is very handsome I know he is popular and all that thing but he is not a good company, his way to be, he is… - ‘Different’ I thought and smiled to myself – It doesn’t matter, just take care- She said and look down to her books again. The bell rang a few minutes later. When I got up, I saw harry in classroom door fame, Amanda walked next to him without even look him, as if he were no there. I think that if he were be in her way she would pass him out like a steamroller. She was blonde and very tall and thin, and the uniform fit her perfectly, like the perfect costume for a Barbie. I stayed inside the classroom and went to ‘talk’ with the professor just for Amanda didn’t ask me to go with her and I had to leave Harry behind. I didn’t want to start with the wrong foot about did friends, but Harry sucked me, he attracted me to him. My plan worked, she went to the other said and when I went to the hall she wasn’t there.

-Hello- Said Harry and smiled me.

-Hi Harry- I said with delicacy and trying to not caring.

-Now americany, I would have to show you were are the lockers and after we will go to the detention room, because I have given a punishment for be late to class, so you are going with me, the half of the fault is yours-

-I’m not going with you to detention, sorry but no – I kept walking but immediately I crashed with something and when I looked up I saw a very tall and big boy with blond hair that was wearing a soccer uniform and was seeing me upset. –American be careful – He said with an irritating delicacy and he was about to said something when Harry arrived.

-Michael, you just know the American girl, her name is Adeline, now you meet each other we’re going. When he turned back he said slowly ‘Good look in the game and be careful with Amanda she is on the loose’ Michael answer him ‘thanks’ and He looked at me with a look more affective than the last.

-Why you said that last? – I ask to Harry

-Because she is his girlfriend and she looked upset- I prefer not to get involved in that. Harry sighed –Poor polite richies that go through life pretending not to be irritated when the pressure of society declines in their silver suits –It was almost impossible not to stop me address that 'comment'.

-Are you a poet or something like that? – I asked surprised and He laughed very loud and exaggeratedly.

-I’m not a poet, but it’s true, Isn’t it? – Harry fiddled with the fingers of my hand making me shudder again and then he left, leaving me standing in front of my locker.


It had been than an hour had come from school and the language class had been so boring, I had been immersed in my memories, I came immersed in it from the grove to here and I’m still thinking of Harry. Nobody knows about him, even my friends, or the collage or the persons from my family, only my mother and my father. When the bell finally rang I had to go to the acts room where I had to give my speech. The director not received me friendly she knew that I was late and she had been spent almost fifteen minutes thinking an explanation to all the others directors who she had invited to listen to my speech. She said it was important for everyone to know how well it had gone to one of his students, something that was not even true because when I went to this school I even know her.

- Go upstairs and position yourself behind scenes, you can rehearse during the recess, then when you hear your name you salts and start- She said quickly and gave me a little pat on the back before walking out with a fake smile on his face, or it was maybe for her face operations that she can’t close her lips, ‘and for that the ‘gargoyle’ thing’ I thought.

The place was dark, I don’t know how they pretend me to read when all the lights were in the middle of the stage. I stood under a lamp and quickly review the speech. ‘I lived … years in… I went to a big collage, I met a lot of people, the end’ that was basically, whatever, my mind added ‘Harry’ to all the lines. I lived … years in… because a friend dead there, Harry, I went to … collage when I met Harry’ my mind was torturing me. I quickly lift the eye and blinded with the stage lights, again that pure white image appeared, It seems that it was coming from the stage to me, from the yellow lights. ‘It's ugly be under fake ground’ said and disappeared again in a flash. I held my breath for a few seconds and then I release it slowly. I could not scare me at school, was trying not to decline, that don’t happen to me as in the grove. ‘I’m going crazy’ I said to myself and after I felt a hand on my shoulder. I flinched and sighed heavily, restrained a cry and then I turned sharply, there she was, standing looking at me with frightened face 'Gargoyle' director. –Are you ok ? She said after that.

-I’m sorry, I, I was very concentrated reading, and I’m a little-

-Nervous, I know, I know- She looked at me affectionately, then brake and gave me a little push -Now get- I saw myself stood in the middle of the stage, alone in front of a lot of students that were laughing or talking, some of them were paying attention, and my friends, they were smiling me trying that I did not feel more nervous, and Liam said me: ‘Imagine them naked’ 

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