Lovely and painful, love

Adeline had a pretty perfect life, she achievement a exchange from her country US to London, where she met her first big love, and her first big big pain too. One day her world climbed to the starts and the other it decayed to the hell. Accompany Adeline to find what realy happen with her loved one, why he still appears like a ghost... Is her mind? and why she feels so desperately lonely, If he was just a boy...


5. The speech 2


-Imagine them naked doesn’t work – Said Harry while I was spinning in the school's gallery – You know a lot of times I had to present me in public, we all pass it, we have to do speeches always in this school-

-Stop Harry, really, say something that can help me I’m in a new country were all of you have a nice accent less me, so speak no use to me to relate to you all.- He laughed.

- That our accent is perfect doesn't mean that we belittle yours – He said exaggerating his way of speaking even more. In that moment the director looked out and asked if I was ready, Harry said yes with his head – Yes sr. she is ready, and when you turn back she is going to walk to the stage. The director made a face and then, not before giving me a look of ' take care', shut the door. Harry was pushing me until I opened the door and came in. But when I saw all the people I went out again. –What are you doing? - He said.

-¡I`m afraid to talk in public Harry! I can`t, because you are a prattler, one of that persons that can talk easily and … - Were soft, softer than cotton and their had a flavor, a different flavor. Their lips were the most beautiful lips that I had ever kissed. Slowly I followed the kiss that lasted a few seconds, he looked me in the eyes and I got lost in the emerald green of their own. He approached and our lips met in another passionate short kiss. Felt his lips touching mines, was just inexplicable. – You will be fine – He said serious and then he look down and walk out waiting to me to go away, still not looking at me, let her look for the end, to the last moment.



I swallowed, all were sit and watching me, and Caroline gave me a small sign to begin. I didn’t how I will do, the last time I had needed to harry. How I will do it without him? I didn’t know why he appeared for say me things so horrible like what he said, why my mind made me see him when I didn’t need him with horrible words in his mouth and no when I needed him the most. I said to myself that I can do it, her kiss was in my memories, I looked for it in my head and imagine it a lot of times, without realizing it I was already at the microphone, everyone looked at me expectantly.


-My name is Adeline Fergins, I guess that some of you know me, but I’m not here to tell you who I am, I’m here to tell you about my exchange to England, the director ask me for tell you about how is to go in an exchange. –I began to spend my papers, were mixed, I had messed up when I saw 'Harry' moments ago. It was so embarrassing so I just pretend to have found it and I continue saying what I remember about it – I lived in the suburbs of London and I went to a collage called ‘Mackensee’ it was a castle, no kidding, it was very big. Students of London and outsides attended to the school. From my house took me 20 minutes to get there on the school bus. I met a lot of people, they are very polite and nobody treats badly to the others, I saw a big difference with the American society – My speech continued and it became a little boring when I organize my papers. After that I speak about my ‘adoptive’ family and finally I end without even talk about Harry. After several ridiculous applauses and a couple of questions, I get off the stage and went where my friends were.




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