Lovely and painful, love

Adeline had a pretty perfect life, she achievement a exchange from her country US to London, where she met her first big love, and her first big big pain too. One day her world climbed to the starts and the other it decayed to the hell. Accompany Adeline to find what realy happen with her loved one, why he still appears like a ghost... Is her mind? and why she feels so desperately lonely, If he was just a boy...


1. lonely


Do you know how it feels to be alone? Feel alone?, That have a family or friends still being insufficient?. That doesn't have a way to feel complete?, Like if the most important thing you have,  don't resides in a thing if not in a person, but you don't know who? A empty space inside your chest, a knot in the stomach and pressure in it, dry throat and a weak breathing, the most important, a poor and separate heart beats that punch you inside. That feels. And finaly you breathe deeply and swallow saliva to relieve the loneliness.   I got off the school bus and walk from the bus stop to my new collage. Actually my old school. I go in a exchange almost a year and a half ago to London, at first was just a year but the things got complicated and I stayed a little longer; thanks to the 'adoptive' family that support me a lot. My mother was to see me a few times in London, she knews that I couldn't come back in that moment. But know, here I am, back in my small town in USA, little town, big hell.    A lot of people saw me like a freak, as if I had not lived here before. Wathever I noticed that others had a rare face, Appreciation?, It feels as they were seeing someone who lived amazing things...they didn't know. I walk to the front door of the old school and saw a few people saluting me. -First day back in US- Said my best friend Liam with a smile. After that came several of my friends telling me that the things were a little changed. New director, new students, new cute boys and new bitches. I smiled falsely, too see they I noticed that the lonliness wasn't go. 'You have your long hair' I heard that a female voice said, a friend, and she took me a lock of hair with finesse, 'You look like another person Ade- Said Liam. I smiled again. -I'm the same Ad as always-  I walk forward pushing my bag to one side, directed to my new classroom.                                             -Welcome back- Said a women - I want you to know that...- My best friend Caroline approached to my ear - She is the new director - Said                                                       The women continued - So, I don't care if you are in the last year, the things are gonna be the same, oh and welcome back Miss Fergins - She looked at me and smiled - I hope you can give us a talk of your experience tomorrow, I'm gonna give you the details later- I gasped, She want me to talk in fron of all the shcool? I can't deal with that... Or maybe I can, my head was a mess. When she left the profesor Martins from Math came in and I throw my books.                                                                                                                       I spend the class looking the window, it was a grey day and a spring weather, worthy of the citys from the middle of Claifornia.    When the bell rang all the people came out of the classroom very hasty to get to the cafeteria, I wanted walk slowly and see what was changed in the place, but my friends Caroline and Jenny take me for the arms and dragged me to find a place and good food in the cafeteria. -Wait I have to leave my books first- I said traying to keep my books in my arms and don't let them fall. They suddenly stoped and I managed to keep my books in my locker. Before I can even close it, they were dragging me again. We arrived to the cafeteria and saw a long queue. When we made it, and finally arrived to the food zone we noticed that it was very empty, the surprise meet, soup, salad and tree burgers that we could take quickly, that was all. -See? I told you, now we don't have food- Carolina was angry with ME, I glared her and she looked down. If a burger and a sald was not enough to her, I don't wanna imagine what would happen if had been just soup.     We went to a table and sat next to the players of our futbool team a little remote, they had predators faces. In that moment my best friend arrived and push them away - The team capitan defends his girl- Said a boy to Liam while he sat between me and a big boy with black hair. -Shut up Eric, Ade is not my girlfriend-  After a very boring lunch I came to the psychology class. Again a spend the class looking at the window, it showed big trees and the very grey sky with a certain dramatic air.   I didn't stop thinking in what happen to me... I could stay all my life in London because I would never be ready to come back and leave it all there... Leave her memory behind, don't go to visit him never again to his big marble tombstone. Nevertheless, wherever I am his name always resonates in my head, Harry Styles.         
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