Lovely and painful, love

Adeline had a pretty perfect life, she achievement a exchange from her country US to London, where she met her first big love, and her first big big pain too. One day her world climbed to the starts and the other it decayed to the hell. Accompany Adeline to find what realy happen with her loved one, why he still appears like a ghost... Is her mind? and why she feels so desperately lonely, If he was just a boy...


3. Harry!?


I should have stopped there, releasing the hand and have ran into any of the halls, for sure someone would have seen me there lost, I could asked someone from the classrooms or some professor, I had a thousands of options but I blinded by his eyes, by the felt of security that he gave me. ¿¡Why!? Fuc#¡ ¿¡Why!?   I started to scream in my room and I threw away all my pillows, I was half asleep, it looks like I fall sleep for a few minutes when I was remembering all that things… My knees buckled and I fell down and that feeling was back… that feeling of loneliness, the pressure in the neck and in the pit of stomach, the dry throat and that weak and separate heart beats that punch you inside. However I didn’t cry.                       

My mother opened the door fast and my father was behind her but he didn’t dare to get too close to my, she positioned herself next to me and handed me in his arms even though I made feeble efforts to evade his hugs, I ended crying in his lap. ‘I miss him so much’ said I while I crying of angry rather than sadness. ‘I hate him so much, Why I met him?!’ My hysterical screams were heard throughout the house and Marco walked slowly to the door as he pressed his pajamas with his tiny little hand. I breathed deeply; my little brother was scared, he was afraid that something bad were happening to me. My father took him to his bed and before he goes I smiled to him and did a funny face, just him for note that everything was all right with me, even if it wasn’t true. My mother helped me to get up, after that she gave me a kiss in the forehead, I didn’t want to say her: ‘I’m not a little girl anymore’ like I did every time she kissed my forehead, because I felt good, she was my mom, she gave me that security that I lost when Harry was gone… It wasn’t the same, but I felt good for a second. I close my eyes and I fall sleep with the word ‘idiot’ in my head, yes He was, Harry was an idiot, in the good and in the bad way now.

The birds were singing in my window, and although many people may think it's beautiful wake up with it for me is just hateful. I noticed that it wasn’t 7am yet so I turn off my clock, only missing a few minutes for it to ring, were minutes I could have spent sleeping. Made a zombie I walked into the shower while cursing the birds that keep singing as if life were pure happiness. The quickly shower I relax much, I wasn’t sleep well that night, after that, I put my make up on, just for have a good look today in the speech. Glass lipstick, a little of white eyeshadow and done, a natural look, more than that I didn’t want to do, I didn’t see the important of look good lately. Upon leaving the bathroom I went to my window, the sun had risen, I assumed that It would be hotter today, I took a shirt that I haven’t used for a while and put it on with a jean and converse, leaving in the bed my pink wet towel. Although at the time I hate the birds, I realized that if I had not raised earlier would never have come to school on time.

I go downstairs and ate quickly my waffles, we all were hasty, my father had to be in work right now and my mother, realtor, had to show more than three houses today and she would not make it if she didn’t came out now.

I went to the school with my mother because my father was taking my brother to the children’s garden. Everything went very fast. The road was very quiet, I and my mother didn’t speak but the day was so pretty and quiet that the I and my mother didn’t speak, but the day was so pretty and quiet that the pressure looked like an illusion. Everything was right as far as I heard a big hit in the front part of the car and I saw a head with dark hair glided for the windshield. My breathing quickened but my mother looked very calm and even kept driving until she saw me. - Slow down! - I screamed - Why had not you saw it? 'She parked the car on one side of the road and I ran back to find the person we had hit. My mother was behind me. ‘We hit someone’ I was screaming desperate, but she seemed not to understand, she looked sideways and finally she put a hand on my shoulder ‘Adeline, we didn’t hit anyone, there is no one in the street, maybe was a bird or…’ She didn’t said ‘Your imagination’ because her phone ringing in his pocket stopped her, but I knew that she was going to do it, that was what she want to said to me, she believed me a crazy. When she stopped talking on the phone I didn’t let her speak, I explained to her that I was going to walk to the school, and for not worried her, I said that she was right; maybe the hit in the front part of the car had been a bird or a branch. When she leaves I wait to her car to go away and I started to run to the opposite side, I was sure that we had hit someone, I knew it. I arrived to the place of the accident but no one was there, to the left was the park with its little but abundant trees that formed a grove. I entered the grove hoping to find someone, the branches prevented me from walking properly, but I kept looking for, desperate to find someone and assist him, I did it. I came back quickly and scared and I bumped into a tree and I rode the few meters that I had to climb to get to the place where I was.  

-¿¡Harry!?- My heart was beating hard and I felt that it was going to leave my body. He seems almost baleful, a ghost. I closed my eyes strongly but the only thing I felt a slight touch on my shoulder, where, when I opened my eyes, I noticed that his hand was. My breath started to come down and he looked me with his emerald green eyes and smiled to me with his little boy smile and said ‘Find me, help me’. His face came back to be serious and neutral. I flashes a few times but he wasn’t there anymore. My body was losing its control and I fell down on my knees as it had in my room and I started to shake. –Harry- I whisper to myself. In my head echoed his quiet voice saying ‘find me, help me’ all the time. I get up, I take strength. What was that? Had been a ghost? I had hit a ghost? a lot of questions started to arise in my mind, I was interrupted for my cellphone. ‘Liam’ I read in the top and I answered shaky. I couldn’t let him to think that something had happened to me.

-Hey where are you? You are gonna be late! – He said quickly

-I’m a couple of blocks, I’m going-

-Hey Ade, Are you…? – I cut it in the middle of the phrase and started to walk very fast, I cross the street without looking, giving myself to death as an easy snack, just was not thinking clearly what I was making. A honk made me came back from where I was… ‘Harry’, I think just in him, I was feeling so much pain, so empty, more than before. Why my mind was playing me those horrible tricks? I sat down in a bank, I knew I was late to school; I didn’t care, but his look, his face, what he said to me, ‘Find me, help me’, It hurt so much, were multiple stabs destroying his perfect figure.


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