Lovely and painful, love

Adeline had a pretty perfect life, she achievement a exchange from her country US to London, where she met her first big love, and her first big big pain too. One day her world climbed to the starts and the other it decayed to the hell. Accompany Adeline to find what realy happen with her loved one, why he still appears like a ghost... Is her mind? and why she feels so desperately lonely, If he was just a boy...


2. First Day


The day was long and boring, I don't remember what I did, if I have been with my friends, or the classes I have been having. I got to my house and I went upstairs without even look my mother that was in the kitchen cooking the dinner. I came in to my room and took a moment to breath and think. How the hell I don't remember what I did today? I throw my books and I started to read the subjects that I had, just for know something about my day, I had the memories but they look so not important that my mind was erasing it seconds after remembered it. 'Monday: Math, Psychology, History and Workshop' I read attentively in my timetable, that was I have been going today. I remembered that for the workshop I had chosen Desing, that was in charge of the costumes from the drama club, there was also design classes. -Good choice- I told my self. Suddenly I heard a noise in the door, and next my mother voice saing me that the dinner was ready. I kept all my books again in my bag and I resign to keep remembering my empty day.

-And how was your day?- Was the first thing my dad asked me when I sat in the table. I look down and answered 'fine' letting him know that I didn't wanna talk about it. My brother Marco with seven years was playing with the fork and the food - Stop that- Repated my mother to notice that he was starting to stain the tablecloth with sauce.

-I heard that the Profesor Martins is again in your class- I look to my mother and answered she 'Yes' with coldness and she returned me a look of rebuke. I really loved my parents, I actually do it, but that day I wasn't in good mood, and I didn't think come back to be good again until a saw my brother laugh because he look that one of the spots of sauce he did look like a 'M' in his view. I realise that I had to be happy for him, he had to be one of the reasons to be happy. My emptiness filled a little.

I helped my parents to clear the table and after that I go to my room, my first day of school after a lot of time out of the country had past. It looks a little rare to me, but my mind had never takes a moment to a break of think in HIM to hink in my day, in what had I do, in how I could improve my life, no, my mind had a job of 24 hours and 7 days dedicated exclusively to Harry Stayles. I pull in my pillow and my face started to look like a sad and ugly doll face, I didn't cry, surely I was dry inside to cry so much in this past months. I took slowly a picture frame that was charmingly residing on my bedside table, it was golden but it called more attention the picture inside it. Dark hair with beautiful waves, almost forming perfect curles, a big smile that showed a very pretty dimples and the last thing, big green eyes that penetrated you inside, even it was just a picture. Harry Styles, that boy was the dream of any girl. I started to remember the day we met. 'You were a moron' I said looking the roof, and my flew away with my memories.

The sky was cloudy like all the days in England, the fisrt day of school, I feel it like a strange, everyone were so... diferents to me, so polite wering they dark uniforms that it seemed good in everyone less in me. I was coming in to the school, if I can call it like that and not ''castle'', when a tall boy with curly dark hair stood before me preventing me to walk. I ask to pass and kept looking forward waiting him to leavme walk but he didn't do it.

-So you are the American, You know?, I never thought that American girl that also came here in an exchange, was gonna come to this important collage, that deserves good intelligent people... I said... for the intelligence of each person. -

-And I never thought that a Inglish man was gonna be so impolite and stupid, and if I realy just in you, I think that you are the most suitable to be kicked out of this collage instead of my. I looked him in the eyes and that was the moment, the moment in which I felt the world stopped for a second, but I disguise it, and apparently also he did it.

-You look smarter than I what thought Americany, so you can keep walking- His accent slowly and marked keeps present in every word he said. I look him to the eyes and I noticed how they were... Shy maybe?, I move on and after that he walked next to me with a condescension. I was following him with the look when I hit with a small girl with read hair that gave me a brochure - I am Cassie, the director of the students club, accordingly I have to give you the welcome to the school. - I started to open my mouth to said 'Hi I'm Adeline Fergins' when she interrupted me - In the brochure you have all the classes and a timetable, oh, and something very important, in the back - She said pulling me out of the hands the brochure and turning it backwards - A map of the school in case you have lost and schoolbus schedules to come back home and came to the school.

-Thanks Cassie- I managed to tell - I am Adeline Fergins- She was walking forward to the opossite said where I was, she turn back and smile - I know, aw and If you keep walking you'r gonna to get to your next class, history-

'great, I'm gonna start classes very bored'. I walked forward, in rect line like she said, and I get to a spacious courtyard with roc galleries and small roads and green grass, however it had a strange old aspect. I looked the six door that there was, definitely I didn't know where to go, and there was anybody there, all the people was in their respective subjects and I ... Well I had walked right...

I was very concentrated doing eeny, meeny, miny, moe to choose one of the six doors when I heard a deep voice a little familiar. - Are you lost? It seems like you were dumb after all Americany - I turned with my eyes squinting with angry, that boy infuriated me, but it was a little funny all that game.

-First, you can call me American, Yankee, Little American but ‘Americany’ definitely is not a word in the dictionary, it seems like you don't get to the line of average intelligence… - He smiled –

- Maybe it isn’t in your dictionary but it is in mine – He advanced to strides from where he stood and stands next to me. – Now, Do you need help?- He said with a mocking smile in his face-                                                                                           -No, I can make it alone – ‘Stupid’ said a voice in my head.                                                                                     –Ok- He smiled like a little boy and slowly started to walk to the right.                                   

I had to call him –¡Wait! – I have to get to 2 year History class in the 114 classroom – He turned around to me – I know where it is – He said and took my hand. I removed it sharply, but he lowered his head and looked me in the eyes and stretched his hand, a strange way to insist to a girl, but it works. I place my hand on his and he closed it tightly, I shuddered and felt a chill running all over my arm –My name is Adeline Fergins, I think if we’r gonna be holding hands out there you should know it – He looked at me from above, and I realised that he was tall. –Na, it wasn’t necessary – It was like he didn’t matter anything about mi, abut mi life, zilch. I should have taken my hand off and looked alone for the classroom or maybe just asked him for indications and go alone, but for some reason, there was something that made me stay by his side, I didn’t want to let him go, I didn’t want to let him never more, consumed me in less than a second, a boy that I even know…                                                                                                                           He stopped for a minute as if I wasn’t with him and frowned at see me there by his side – Don’t you think tell me your name? – Mmm… I thought that English men were pretty polite, but you…-                                                                       

 -Harry, Harry Styles- He said in a very weak voice tone that made me look him, he look surprised and at the same time his eyes showed that there was something that he didn’t comprehended about all this situation. Suddenly his gaze come back to be funny and he smiled –We have to go, you are already late- He pressed my hand and followed to a corridor that I had not even saw. ‘shortcut’ I remember he said when we crossed it. 

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