April Showers Brings Harry Styles?

Peyton, a 17 year old girl, is on spring break in New York when she bumps into the one and only Harry Styles and love sparks! But is Harry the one she really wants? ~~~~ 14+ because of language and .... I think you know~~~~~~~~


1. We meet

Peytons POV

Yes, I know its awesome Ellie and I finally get to leave tiny Lima, Ohio and fly to New York City! By ourselves no parents!!! I was so excited! The only reason Ellie was excited was because she heard One Direction was going to be performing there so I told her we will try to go to a CD signing.

Ellie- Harry Styles is going to marry me someday

Peyton- Its never going to happen Ellie lets just try to have a good time and no One Direction drama Pu-lease

Ellie- I can just feel his warm lips on mine and---

Peyton- TMI Ellie no one wants to hear that I mean really Ellie

Ellie and I got out of the elevator and walked to our room.

Ellie- One Direction....

Her voice faded

Peyton- Ellie! I thought we werent going to talk about stupid One Direction on our tr-- oh my gosh.... 

Ellie and I were standing right in front of Harry Styles from One Direction

Harry- Erm why are you in our room, love?

Peyton- I am so sorry! They must've given us the wrong room number and key I am just so sorry um we will leave right--

Harry- Dont freak out! Its fine. Why dont you stay and hang out for a while I can itroduce you to a few friends

Peyton- ok thanks...

Ellie- Haaarry

Harry-um are you a fan?



First real fanfic!!! Tell me what you think in the comments! I want the truth




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