April Showers Brings Harry Styles?

Peyton, a 17 year old girl, is on spring break in New York when she bumps into the one and only Harry Styles and love sparks! But is Harry the one she really wants? ~~~~ 14+ because of language and .... I think you know~~~~~~~~


3. The Luck of the Irish

Nialls POV

She was absolutely gorgeous. I was practically speechless! I wanted her to love me.

A/N sorry for any misspellings kik me at HarryCurlLove

Niall- How about we go out to a club or somewhere tonight the boys and you and urm what's your friends name?

Ellie- Her name is Ellie, I mean my name is Ellie

Niall- haha ok you and Ellie what do you think?

Ellie- we would LOVE to

Peyton- I guess we don't have any other plans

Maybe when we go clubbing I can make a move on her.

Harry's POV

Not only was I stupid enough not to get name but also not invite her somewhere I usually get lucky with the ladies but apparently not today.

Peyton's POV

I have to admit One Direction surprised me and that blonde one is pretty cute! What's his name? Niall? I'm so excited for tonight

Peyton- we have our luggage would you mind if Ellie and I got changed quickly

Niall- you look beautiful as you are but if you want go ahead.

I saw anger in The curly haired ones eyes, Harry.

We walked into the bathroom and Ellie put on a short dark blue cocktail dress with white heels, I wore a black cocktail dress with black heels I quickly put on makeup and curled my long Brown hair.

Liam- you ladies look beautiful

Peyton- thank you... What's your name?

Liam- Liam

Peyton- oh ok sorry

Liam- nor problem love ready to go?

Ellie- YES!
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