April Showers Brings Harry Styles?

Peyton, a 17 year old girl, is on spring break in New York when she bumps into the one and only Harry Styles and love sparks! But is Harry the one she really wants? ~~~~ 14+ because of language and .... I think you know~~~~~~~~


2. Isn't She lovely?

Harrys POV

Harrry- Let me just go get the boys I will be right back make your selves comfterable

Peyton- Ok whatever

I could tell she was trying to ignore me, but the second she walked in a could tell how beautiful she was.

Harry- mates there are some girls I want you to meet

Niall- What are there names?

Harry- Urm..

Zayn- You dont know their names?

Harry- Not exactly... Just come on, ones a fan

Liam- Sure I'll be out in a second

The boys and I walked out into the lounge area I saw the expression on Nialls face and saw he was speechless I thought he was focusing on the fan and I Smirked. Then I realized the fan wasnt the one he was looking at.

Niall- Hello love, my name is Niall.

Peyton- Hi... My name is Peyton.

The only thing I felt was jealousy.


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