April Showers Brings Harry Styles?

Peyton, a 17 year old girl, is on spring break in New York when she bumps into the one and only Harry Styles and love sparks! But is Harry the one she really wants? ~~~~ 14+ because of language and .... I think you know~~~~~~~~


4. Did you Feel it?

Harry's POV

I knew I started off on the wrong foot with Peyton but I was going to try to get her at the club! And I knew exactly how it isn't exactly nice but it will work and she will love me for it.
We got to the clubs and Louis and Zayn went to the dance floor immediately. Liam went to talk to a few ladies and Niall decided to go dance as well. That left me, Peyton, and Ellie.
Peyton- Ellie go dance with Louis
Ellie- uh ok

I knew she wanted alone time with me
Harry- what do you say we get a few drinks?
Peyton- sounds good to me
She drank at least 4 shots before the alcohol seemed to kick in my plan was working,
I was as sober as I could ever be. Peyton mumbled a few things before her lips moved towards mine, I moved in as well we were then lip locked I let my tongue into her mouth

Peyton's POV

I was a bit drunk but what was I doing kissing Harry Styles?!?! I decided to tease him a bit

Peyton- Harry you are a great kisser
I moved my hands and grabbed his crotch he moaned.
Harry- Peyton not now there are fans...
Peyton- ok Harry whatever you say
I pulled away from the kiss and walked to the dance floor and saw Niall. I hugged him he obviously noticed I was a bit drunk and used that against me
Niall- hey babe wanna dance?
Peyton- yeah!
He pulled my body next to his and we dirty dance I looked at Harry and saw the jealousy in his eyes I giggled. Harry walked over.
Harry- Niall and Zayn let's go? Ya? Grab the girls! Louis and Liam want to stay but I hear to paps are coming!
Niall- oh shoot coming
We jumped into a cab and sped off to the hotel. I felt Niall grab my waist, and Harry was holding my hand.
Harry-... Niall?
Niall- ya?
Harry- when we get back I need to talk to you. It's urgent
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