Some Dreams Do Come True

Meg Bennett found out that she had cancer about a year ago and she thinks everything is getting worse. He father left them, her sister and best friend died in a car crash, and her brother doesn't even know who she is. But something is about to change.


1. The Surprise

I have been in this hospital bed for almost a year and no one notices me what so ever. My birthday is coming up in a week and I bet no body will wish me home to be safe and sound. I have two wishes for my birthday: one to be home with my mom and brother, and two, to meet One Direction. I have been a One direction fan ever since they were on the X Factor. I have supported them through their entire experience in this dump. My mom has tried to get me tickets and backstage passes, but it was always too much money. Everything is always too much money now because of all my treatments. Today my mom is coming to visit because she is always here for me when I have to take my medicine. She also said that she had a surprise for me. She's probably saying that she won a trip to California and I can't come. 
    "Morning sweetie pie!" cheerfully said Mrs. Bennett. 
   "morning mom! How's Sean these days?" I asked.
   " he's fine, he misses you Meg."
   " yeah right, he doesn't even know who I am!" I didn't notice that I was even yelling. My eyes started to tear up.
   "I'm sorry mom, I didn't mean to be so mean."
   "it's ok honey, it's not your fault he doesn't remember things. I know it's hard but we will keep fighting untill you get better!" said Mrs. Bennett.
  "Or until I die." I murmured.
  "Meghan Rose Bennett! You will not die! I never want to hear you say such a thing like that. Don't think negative thoughts, think happy thoughts."
  I never heard my mom say something like that in my nineteen years. I know something's up.
  "Soo... What's the surprise you texted me about?" I asked.
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