Never expecting the unexpected

When Sophie meets Harry Styles backstage, crying after one of the concerts on his tour, she comforts the boys shes only ever dreamt of meeting. She never ever dreamt that she would end up being the girl every girl dreamed of being. How will sophie cope with the media, love, lies, friendships and tragedies that come with being the girlfriend of Harry Styles?


10. The sleepover

“Hello love!” he said and i walked in the door. “Hey Louis, alright?” i asked politely. “Yeah not bad, come in” he said and i walked into the flat. Everyone was in the living room. “Yey you came!” said liam and harry together and Chloe and Louise smiled. There was food on the table, crisps and stuff and i shrugged off my jacket and put in over the arm of the sofa before slumping on the sofa next to harry.

“We’ve been waiting to see if you’d come to watch the film, im glad your hear! I was starting to loose my patience” she laughed. “Haha sorry about that Chlo, it took me a while to get here” i said smiling. “Finish your revision” asked harry grabbing a grape and pooping it into his mouth. “Yeah, for now! i said and grabbed one as well and popped it in my mouth. “Your doing your A Levels this year?” asked Niall from the corner of the room. He was spread out on a massive bean bag eating crisps happily. “Yeah, in like may” i said and smiled at him. “Ha unlucky” said Zayn. “They’re not too bad if you have revised, just try not stress out, you seem smart so you will do fine!” said Liam fiddling around with the DVD player trying to put a DVD into the slot but failing. “Haha thanks for the pep talk liam” i said smiling.

Everyone laughed, including liam. “Its  wierd to think your still in secondry school, you seem older” said Harry. “Uh, thanks, i think” i said wondering whether this was a compliment or not. Everyone laughed at me when suddenly liam screamed “DONE IT!” as he got the DVD to work. Chlo cheered and Louise clapped him then gave him a peck on the cheek before running off into the kitchen to grab herself a drink. She pulled a beer out of the fridge, “You want one soph” she asked. “Please” i said and she opened a bottle and gave it to me before we all settled down to watch the movie.

It was very funny, Louis doing iimpressions of all the characters and then Harry stole my purse and we were running round the house me chasing him as he threatened to throw it down the loo. I jumped on him back so he was giving me a piggy back and tried to grab the purse, harry was laughing so much. Then we ended up in the living room where harry (laughing) threw me on the sofa and gave me back my purse and we watched the rest of the film. I lay with my legs across his lap and he tickets my toes while we watched the movie making me giggle. Louis kept giving up these funny glances, kind of like a cheeky glance. I couldn’t work out why.

We stayed their till 3 in the morning, just chatting mucking about, drinking and having fun. We were all a bit drunk at the end of the evening, after all i was only 16, i never drink too much. I had never drank more than five bottles of beer until i met the boys and now here i was on the verge of drunk. However me and harry were the only ones who were in our right minds, everyone else was hyper but me and harry, even though wed have a few to drink, we were still in our mind sober.

Harry rang a cab for me but the cab company was closed. Liam said we could all stay at him the night. The problem was it only had three bedrooms. So imagine this, Niall and Zayn were on the sofas, Louise and Liam in one room, Chloe and Louis in another, which  left me and harry with only one available space to sleep left in the house. The last room, with a double bed like the other rooms.


As we closed the door of the bedroom suddenly everything went quiet. Me and Harry went into the en suite bathroom of the room and i sat on the edge of the bath while harry washed his face in the sink. I looked up and saw the shower hose. I smiled at myself and grabbed the hose and while harry was washing his face i grabbed it an started spraying. Harry let out this scream and laughed and grabbed the hose off me and sprayed me back. Clumisly i grabbed the hose but he didn’t let go, water was spraying everywhere and we were both  really wet but we didn’t care. We were having fun.

When harry turned the hose we just sat in a pile on the floor of the bathroom, laughing at ourselves. We were sopping from head to foot and my hair was dripping cold water down my cleavage. I shivered.
“Cold?” asked harry and he pulled out some clothes from the draw. They were liams but i didn’t care. I shoved on a shirt of liams, it was oversized so it acted like a dress but i didn’t care and harry put on some jog bottoms and a jack wills t-shirt of liams. I smiled to myself. See i would only feel comfortable wearing a top which was going see through, wet underwear and in a bedroom with a boy if i was close to him. And i felt like harry was a true friend now and i loved him as a friends, as i did with all the others. Harry wsa making me laugh as he couldn’t take his eyes off me. I looked hideous!

“Still cold? Asked harry. “A bit.” I said and smiled. “Get under the covers then, don’t worry ill lay on top of them” he said. He obviously knew that this would be awkward if we were both under the covers. I smiled and crawled underneath the duvet.

Harry lay on the bed propped up on one elbow and facing me. “So what do the others think of me, honestly” i asked harry propping my elbow too to face him. “Liam thinks your nice and so does Louis, Niall thinks your hysterical and Zayn says you fit haha” harry laughed i laughed as well, zayn always seemed to think every girlf it i swear. I wondered to myself privately what he would think of my friends. But then tried to wipe away that thought because i felt bad thinking about them when i was with harry and the others. “Chlo and Louiselove you like they’ve known you their whole life, Chlo thinks your very quiet compared to me though” Harry said. He paused. “And i think your all round incredible” said harry. I looked up to him so my eyes met his green eyes and smiled.

Slowly he reached out and ran his hand into my wet hair, and slowly leant forwards. I closed my eyes as his lips pressed against mine, his hand running through my hair. My heart skipped a beat. Harry, the award winning, one direction member, Harry Styles was kissing me. We drew apart and harry smiled at me, his cheeks slightly pink. “Night sophie” he said and turned round to face the other direction before setteling down to sleep.


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