Never expecting the unexpected

When Sophie meets Harry Styles backstage, crying after one of the concerts on his tour, she comforts the boys shes only ever dreamt of meeting. She never ever dreamt that she would end up being the girl every girl dreamed of being. How will sophie cope with the media, love, lies, friendships and tragedies that come with being the girlfriend of Harry Styles?


12. The morning after the night before

I woke up the next morning with a thumping head. I jumped as i realised i wasn’t at home, in my own bed. A sudden worry that i had slept with harry filled me until i remembered what had happened last night. Harry had kissed me. I looked to my left and saw harry lying on top of the covers, fully dressed and fast asleep. He looked so beautiful and peaceful, curls flying over the pillow and his fit body all spread out over the bed. I smiled to myself and got up out of bed to remember all i was wearing was liams shirt. I went over to the bathroom where we had dumped our old lcothes. They were still drenched and i had no other choice but to go downstairs in the shirt and my underwear.

“Morning” said Louis smiling at me while grabbing himself some orange juice out of the carton. “Hey Louis” i said and slumped on the sofa being careful not to show my underwear. “Why are you in that?” asked Liam from the other sofa laughing at my appearance. “I got wet” i said running my hand through my hair. Louis and Liam burst out laughing. “Not like that!!” i said punching liam playfully on the shoulder. “We had a water fight” i said laughing as well. “But did you and harry have any um, how shall i put, last night” asked Louis coming over andju,ping on the sofa  lying on it outsteched. “No” i said and punched him on the shoulder too before grabbing myself some apple juice, drinking it from the carton. “Excuse me miss only im allowed to do that!” said Louis jokingly. “I have nothing contagious” i said laughing.

“I should hope not too” said Harry walking in through the door of the kitchen shaking his curls like a dog. “Harry! We’ve just been questioning sophie about what went on in your room last night” said Louis while liam laughed. “Oh yeah and what did she say?” said harry playing along. “She said nothing happened” said Liam sounding disappointed. “Good, so shes honest then” said harry and squeezed my hand quickly where the others couldn’t see. It was a way of telling me that he too remembered last night and he didn’t regret it either.

“Ah look the news is all thats on the TV this time of day” said Niall awakening from the other sofa. Oh god. Hang on a second. “Lou, Whats the time?” i asked Louis as he walked into the hall to check the time. “Uh, half twelve”. “WHAT?! Shit!” i said and ran out of the room to get my clothes out of the bathroom, they were still wet but i would have to deal with it.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door while i was putting on my top. “What?” i asked the person at the door. Harry walked in. “Why the rush?” he asked and came up behind me and grabbed me by the waist. I was only in my top and had no trousers on and the top was seethrough showing my lace black bra. Not a good look. “Uh, my mum and dad came home at eleven and will be wondering where i am, i know that sounds pathetic but we are going out for lunch later and if im not back by half one then im like dead” i moaned pulling away from him to grab my shirt.

“Soph?” he said and turned me round to grab my hand. “I meant that kiss last night” he said “It wasn’t the drink acting, i really like you.” He said and smiled at me. “So to prove that im serous will you go out on a date with me tomorrow evening” he asked still holding my hand. I sighed. I really like harry and just him holding my hand brought tingles through my arms. Lets face it, i really liked him but not only as a friend and a date would be my dream. My heart skipped a beat as i said “I would love to go on a date with you harry, pick me up at seven yeah?”. “Until then” harry said and leant forward and kissed me. This time i felt the kiss meant more. He held my waist and it went on for longer taking breathes before kissing some more. He ran his hand down my back and along my waist and hips, his lips dancing on mine softly. “I knew it!” shouted Louis. He’d walked in on me and Harry kissing and had obviously found it very funny. “Hey Liam, Niall, Zayn we were right, they did hook up last night!” he shouted down the stiar. Everyone downstairs cheered and wolf wisteled and shouted ‘we knew it’. “We didn’t ‘hook up’ as such, just kissed and were going on date tomorrow night” harry said still holding my waist from the kiss. “Whatever, so you gonnna tell people” asked Louis. “No!” me and harry shouted together. “No, no press, none apart from the people in this house are going to know about me and Soph until we’ve been together a while and are serious. Swear Louis” said harry. “Alright Alirght” said Louis and turned to leave the room grinning like a Cheshire cat to himself.

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