Never expecting the unexpected

When Sophie meets Harry Styles backstage, crying after one of the concerts on his tour, she comforts the boys shes only ever dreamt of meeting. She never ever dreamt that she would end up being the girl every girl dreamed of being. How will sophie cope with the media, love, lies, friendships and tragedies that come with being the girlfriend of Harry Styles?


3. The decision the morning after

“Where have you been?” said Lauren laughing at me coming in all red faced from the cold. “Sorry, i was watching the stars coz my ears were pounding from teh music” i said laughing at her shocked look. “Oh well, come on run, your dads getting worried” she said and we ran hand in hand, wearing our 1D hoodies to the car, but all that was going through my mind was harry. I stared at my phone and saw i had two new message. One from Katrina and one from Lara. They were both asking me how the concert was. I smiled and text them both back excited texts. But something told me not to tell them about harry just yet i didn’t want all the un wanted attention i would get. I did promise him no one would even know that id met him let alone that he was crying. And i was going to keep to my word. Then my thoughts turned to harry again. He had my number, twitter, address, facebook and school now that i had given him that paper. Would he contact me, or would he forget all about me. I knew i wouldn’t forget him in a hurry. That night was the best night of my life and it probably always will be. When we got to the car my dad was happy to see us “Nice night girls” he asked as we belted ourselves up. “Oh my god!! It was amazing honestly the best night of my life” said lauren with great enthusiasm. I was still in such a sday, and as i stared at the lights of the O2 i stared at the stars and dreamed of harry. “Soph?” |”Oh yeah it was amazing dad... a great night” i said not paying mucha attention. Then journey took about an hour and a half to get home and the whole time i was looking at my phone praying to get a text from harry, he had my number i just needed that text. I knew i was asking too much because i had met him and he was probablt too embarrassed about confiding his personal business in me and he would probably never want to see me again because of the embarrassment of it. Nevermind, now that i had met harry, i knew he was a normal person, normal feelings and a normal heart and he did not need harassment off me or any other girls and fans. I perked up a bit after this and decided to forget about harry as much as i could, he seemed normal anyway and he deserved to be treated normally. Just meeting harry had been enough and i knew that him contacting me was not going to happen, so i was just grateful that i had met him.  And as i went to bed that evening, i was officially the happiest girl in the world, harry did not even begin to understand how much he had made a massive impact on my life now. I thought of harry as a friend now, not some silly teenage crush.

I woke up the next morning to the horrible feeling of  a day of school ahead of me. But then the memories from last night swarmed over me. The hug from harry, me being a comfort to harry and harry saying that he liked me hugging him. A surge of great happiness filled me. I was never probably going to see him again, but those memories were some of my favourite memories of my life so far.

I crept downstairs to breakfast grabbed an apple and walked to the bus where Katrina and Lara were waiting for me. I walked up to them and said hi and sat down on the bus. They all looks at me expectantly. “Well??” said Lara. “Well what?” i asked her. “How was the concert, you doughnut” said Katrina laughing at my apparent stupidness. “Oh it was amazing” i said. I staretd raving about how good it was and showed Lara and Katrina the close up’s of Niall and Zayn that i got for them. Yes, i had made a decision, this whole harry business was going to be my little secret, no one elses. I didn’t want the fuss, im not the type of person who likes lots of attention from people unless it’s when im up on stage dancing that is. But anyway, i didn’t want a fuss. And also it made me sad to think harry would never contact me and id never see him again i didn’t want to have to rant and rave about it for then ext six months. And that what i knew i would get from all the girls in my year who love harry as much as i did.

“Hey babe, me and Lara were saying, you know when we got to our concert, we should queue outside to see if we can meet them before they go inside the O2” Said Katrina. “Oh my god, thats a great idea!” i said all excited. I wondered to myself whether harry would recognise me or not.

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