Never expecting the unexpected

When Sophie meets Harry Styles backstage, crying after one of the concerts on his tour, she comforts the boys shes only ever dreamt of meeting. She never ever dreamt that she would end up being the girl every girl dreamed of being. How will sophie cope with the media, love, lies, friendships and tragedies that come with being the girlfriend of Harry Styles?


4. The call

“Hey Soph” said a girl from behind me. I had just had lunch and was now sitting in Psychology broed while my teacher groaned on about how ALevel Psychology was fun and enjoyable and thinking ‘Shut Up, i wanna go to sleep’ but knowing if i said that i’d get told off. I looked round Tanzia, a girl from my year who loves Louis to pieces was staring at me “How was the conert” she asked eyes gleaming. “Oh it was brilliant thanks!” i said. It had been absoloutly amazing and as the day had drawn on the realisation of how amazing the actual concert had been hit me. It had been fab, with great vocals from the boys and a great atmosphere but being like i am i didn’t want a massive fuss.

I leant forward to put my head in my hands when i felt my phone vibrating from the depths of my pocket. A moment of panic overwhelmed me. It must be important if someone was ringing me while i was in school. I had a sickening feeling that something was wrong. I shot my hand in the air. “Yes, Sophie?” asked my teacher. “Can i go to the toilet please miss” i asked politely so that i would have more chance of going out of the classroom. “Fine” said Mrs Benten and i walked out of the classroom. I knew i would get my phone confiscated and an after school if i got caught on my ophone but i had this feeling that the person ringing was something important otherwise they would not be ringing me at this time of day. Eveyrone knew i was in school .Maybe something had happened at my mum or dads work or something. I took the phone out of my pocket, in the vview of anyone who walked into the corridor at that second and pulled out my phone. The number didn’t have a caller ID. I answered the phone. “Hello?” i asked. “Hi Sophie Its me...Harry” said the deep husky voice on the end of the phone. My heart stopped. Wait... “Harry who?” i asked urgently. “Um, Harry Styles” said the person on the end of the phone. “Seroiusly?” i asked walking out of the corridor and into a toilet where i was less likely to get caught on my phone. He laughed, “Yeah, i uh, rang to say thank you for last night” said Harry. Oh my god. It was Harry, he had rung me. All that misery i had felt that i would never see him again dropped from inside me. I suddenly felt a bit faint but tried to pull myself together. “Thats fine. Im glad i helped” i said. Suddenly i looked to my left and saw a teacher standing over me, hand out wanting my phone. Shit. “Two seconds harry”. “Miss, please. Harry styles is on the phone”. To my utter suprise Mrs Swan seemed to know who Harry Styles was. “Sophie, im not going to fall for that. Hand it over” she said. Shit. “Uh, Harry i have to go now sorry, im in school and the thing is im not allowed to be on my phone so i have to go but ring me tonight and we can talk” i said quickly. “Okay, will do. Sorry if i got you in trouble” he said. “No it fine don’t worry. Bye” i said and i cut the phone off. “You can keep the phone but if i ever see you in it in school time again then you will not be allowed to take a phone into school Sophie” said Mrs Swan and she left the toilet leaving me hyperventilating over the fact that harry had rang me. I had given him details but never expected him to use them. He seemed so nice, and i got that same feeling that I’d got last night, i didn’t want harry as a boyfriend, just a friend and i was so happy he’d rang me. Almost like he wanted to be friends too. I was melting inside.

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