Never expecting the unexpected

When Sophie meets Harry Styles backstage, crying after one of the concerts on his tour, she comforts the boys shes only ever dreamt of meeting. She never ever dreamt that she would end up being the girl every girl dreamed of being. How will sophie cope with the media, love, lies, friendships and tragedies that come with being the girlfriend of Harry Styles?


23. The big introduction

The concert ended and Katrina and Lara were on a sky high. For me it was exactly the same as the last concert, but it had still been absoloutely amazing and i couldn’t quite believe that i enjoyed it a second time round. Katrina was hyperventilating and started worrying about how she might deal with meeting the boys. What if she faintd, that would a bit embarrassing on both parts? Lara just seemed kind of nervous to be meeting them. I was really excited about my two best friends finally meeting my other friends aka one direction. This was going to be amazing.

We walked backstage a massive locked door with a electronic pad thing, next to the door. I smiled at Lara and katrina who had the faces of three years olds about to go to Disney land. I swiped the card into the pad at the side of the door and the doors swumg open. The backstage area wasn’t anything fancy. After all it was only the backstage of the 02 but i dunno i was expecting it to a bit more grand. I walked down all the corridors, getting a few funny looks from people. Then i came to a room which said ‘artist lounge’ on the door.”Here it is girls” i said to Lara and Katrina and both of them went a snowy shade of white. It was funny, it was like they were nervous. “Soph, i feel sick” said Katrina as we stood outside the room where one direction were waiting to see us. “Dont be” i said and knocked on the door loudly so they wouldn’t miss it. Harry answered the door and smiled at me. “Hey Soph” he said “These must be your friends” he said nodding at the girls. “Im, Im, uh....Im Im...” “She Katrina” i said. Katrina was cracking me up, she was standing there starring at harry. And she hadn’t even seen the tohers yet. “And im Lara” said Lara who was staying surprisingly calm considering.

“Hey, come in” said harry and stepped aside. The room was quite plain, white walls with a big black leather corner sofa in one corner and a tv hung on the wall opposite. Katya was stunned as she spotted Zayn  (who had always been her favourite) sitting on the left hand side of the sofa with his legs up on a coffee table in front of the sofa. “Hey guys, this is Katrina and Lara” i said introducing the girls to the boys. “Hey” said Zayn staring “Hey” said katrina in a sort of whisper and she began to walk toward to the sofa.


She’d stacked in and landed on the sofa in between Zayn and Louis. Everyone cracked up apart from katrina who had gone the deepest shade of red ive ever seen in my life. “You alright love” said Zayn smiling at her. “Yeah, never been better” said katrina and sat upright and ran her hand through her hair in embarrassment. “So this must be Lara” Said Niall with his lopsided smile indication to where Lara was standing. “Yeah” said Lara and sat down on the floor facing them. “You can sit down” said Louis and budged up so that he made a gap for Lara to sit down in between Niall and him.

I Went and sat with harry on a two seater sofa in the corner of the room. He quickly kissed me on the cheek and then put his arm round me and i snuggled up to his chest. Lara looked at me and smiled. “So did you enjoy the concert” asked Liam trying to make conversation. “It was amazing thank you” said Katrna and smiled at Zayn. I laughed in my head, katrina was flirting with zayn already.

The conversation flowed easily. Louis kept all the conversation going, cracking jokes every now and then. This was actually amazing because all my friends were meeting eachother at last. After about an hour Zayn suggested that we all go round his apartment for a couple of drinks and to watch a film. I agreed and so did the rest of the girls. Harry stood up and squeezed my hand. Then leant forward and whispered in my ear. “I think you should tell katrina and lara that Niall and Zayn have girlfriends” he said and i smiled up and his and whispered back “Will do, its just sso funny to watch them flirt”. Harry laughed and kissed me on the tip of my nose before putting his arm round my waist and we all walked outside into the cold crisp evening. Smiling to myself i slid into the tour van, which was going to take us back to Zayn’s.

We had to squash up together a bit and Louis drove and told the van driver not to worry about taking us back. We drove out of the gates and immediately hundreds of screaming girls jumped infront of the van and started wacking on the window. The girls had a fit when they noticed that Louis was driving and one girl even kissed the window. “Is that what we looked like when we did that?” said Lara in disbelief and everyone laughed and nodded and Louis drove through the girls and the girls cleared and we drove through the screaming girls towards the exit.

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