Never expecting the unexpected

When Sophie meets Harry Styles backstage, crying after one of the concerts on his tour, she comforts the boys shes only ever dreamt of meeting. She never ever dreamt that she would end up being the girl every girl dreamed of being. How will sophie cope with the media, love, lies, friendships and tragedies that come with being the girlfriend of Harry Styles?


13. Parents

Mum and dad were not happy when i got back. It was one by the time i was back at the house and we were due to leave to go out to lunch soon. The worst part was, i was in the same clothes i had left in last night and they noticed. “Where have you been!” screamed my mum at me the second i walked in the door. “At a friends house” i said not looking her in the eyes. I was praying she wouldn’t ask whose house i was at. “Joannas” i said solemly. “Well that funny because we rang Joanna, and she said she hadn’t heard from you since Monday!” said mum getting really angry now. “So where have you been all evening?” asked mum. “I went to a party and by the time it finished the cab company had closed and  had no way of getting back, so i stayed at a friends house over night” i said. “Yes, BUT WHO!? And just so you know we are no longer going out for lunch as we don’t have time to get ready, i hope your happy” she screamed at me. I just ran up the stairs and burst into tears. Last night had been amazing and then mum had to come along and ruin everything. I got out my phone to text someone for comfort, probably Joanna when i saw i had a message. It was from harry, “How did ur parents take it? Hope they didn’t giv u 2 much of a hard time, H Xx” I smiled at the text and replied, “Didnt take it very well, they want to know who i was with....wot do i say? S xx” and put the phone on the bedside table. I then went on my laptop and inboxed Katrina and Lara on facebook.

“Hey hun, how are you? I haven’t seen you all holiday, i was wondering whether you wanted to catch up before chirstmas? Wanna go shopping today in Cambridge? Loads of Hugs, Soph xx

And then closed the laptop, only seconds i got a reply through from harry, “Tell them you were with me, but only tell them after we’ve been out, tomorrow night? I’ll pick you up around seven?” he said and i smiled at the text. But a sickening feeling entered my stomach. What would my mum and dad think about me going out with a member of One Direction. With someone famous! Something tells me dad wouldn’t like it and mum would be concerned about the press and media attention and hate from fans i would get. What if they took it the wrong way and thought that i hand tjust stayed the night round Liams but slept with harry aswell in a different way to what actually happened. Suddenly the laptop pinged and made me jump. Katrina and Lara both had replied...

“Hey, yeah sounds good, we can get the train, Ill come by yours at half two and we can go then. See you then xx” said katrina

“Sounds great. What about half two?? I’ll come round your??” said Lara

Were these girls cykik or something. I replied agreeing to both of them.

I smiled. I would go downstars and apologize to mum. I hate arguing with her. I would tell her i was with a boy but nothing happened. That would probably settle her mind. Besides, i am noly 16 at the end of the day. My intentions of going all the way with a boy are not very high and i don’t really want to yet, im not ready. So mum and dad have nothing to worry about.

“Mum?” i said peering my head through the door of the kitchen. “Im sorry, i should have text you or something. You see i was with a boy. His name is Ben and well nothing happened were just friends, we had a party and then the cab company was closed so he offered the sofa at his house. He has a flat and i slept on the sofa and nothing happened. Hes just a good friend like some girls in school” i said.

“I do trust you honey, i was just worried sick when you weren’t here when i got back from my shift  Please don’t do that again” she said.

“Dont worry mum, i wont without telling you or asking your permission first” i said and was about to walk out.

“And best not tell your dad that you know a boy who is 17 and our good friends with him. He’ll have a fit. I trust you though to be sensible and remember that he is older than you sweetie” she said.

“I know don’t worry” i said and walked out “Oh mum by the way me and the girls are going to Cambridge Christmas shopping today. Is that okay?” i asked

“Sure sweetie but be careful and don’t spend too much”  mum said and i went upstairs changed into some jeans and t-shirt and hoodie grabbed my bag and sat on the stairs waiting for the girls to arrive.

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