Never expecting the unexpected

When Sophie meets Harry Styles backstage, crying after one of the concerts on his tour, she comforts the boys shes only ever dreamt of meeting. She never ever dreamt that she would end up being the girl every girl dreamed of being. How will sophie cope with the media, love, lies, friendships and tragedies that come with being the girlfriend of Harry Styles?


6. Our night


Okay, i admit it. I spent 3 hourse getting ready. I was now waiting on the stairs for the doorbell to ring. I was wearing a tight balck dress, nothing fancy, just a casual tight black dress, and heels. i had curled my hair and put on natural looking make up. I had a cream coat and scarf on over my outfit as it had snowed loads over night and the ground was now covered in about 10 inches of snow. 8:45PM. Where were they? A horrible feeling that it had all been a laugh and harry was not meetin up with my dawned on me but then i was relvied from my misery when Harry rang the doorbell. My mum and dad were out for a meal and had said it wsa okay for me to go out so i was all good on teh embarrassing parents front. I answerd the door feeling very nervous. “Hey” i said smiling at harry. He waswearing dark jeans with a white t-shirt (smart but quite casual) and a coat over the top as it was snowing. And then white converse. “Hey Sophie, you ready to go” he asked smiling back at me. “Yep” i said and stepped out onto the ice. Shutting the door behind me i walked with harry down the drive (which was a hill) and to louis’ car. It was very difficult in heels and halfway down my heart skipped a beat. My heel slipped on the ice and i fell backwards almost flat on my face. Harry caught me by the arm and pulled me back up “Careful there, i dont want any broken bones love” he laughed at me and held my arm as support all the way to the car. I must have looked a right prat. Couldnt even walk on some ice, but i was happy and thta was the main thing. Louis car was nothing fancy just a normal car. Im not good with car’s so i couldt tell you what it was but it was nice i guess. Harry opened the back car door for me and i stepped inside. There was only Louis in the car, no one else. Harry must of seen my concerned face and said “Dont worry, were meeting everyone else there. The only reason Lou has come to get you is because i didn’t want to drive” harry laughed reassuringly and hopped in the fornt of the car. I stepped in the back seat and shut the car door. “You alright Sophie?” said Louis smiling at me, hands on the stearing wheel. He was wearing a pair of chinos with a shirt. “Yeah im good thanks” “Bit slippy out there isn’t it! Sorry were late, i was drving slow coz of the ice” said Louis smiling to himself. “No its fine don’t worry” i said and did up my belt taking my scarf off as the car was very warm. This let all my curls loose that had been stuck inside the massive scarf. I could see harry looking in the review mirror at me. I quickly looked away not wanting to make things awkaward fro myself or him. “Everyone belted in” said Louis and he put his f[foot on the peddle and we were away. I couldn’t belive i was in a car with Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson on my way out clubbing with them. “I didn’t get you in too much trouble at school with the whole phone thing did i?” asked Harry turning round to face me. “Haha no don’t worry. I didn’t even get it confiscated which is good” i smiled at him reassuringly. “Wait, your still in school” said Louis shocked by this. “Yeah, im 16 in my final year in sixth form. 17 in August”  i said smiling. “Cool, what do u want for your chritsmas this year?” asked Harry. “I’ve left the decision up to my mum and dad this year which is a bit worrying. God only knows what they’ve got me!” i said. Louis and Harry laughed at me. The conversation in the car flowed easily, i felt like i was talking to two people i had known all my life. Two of my best friends. After about an hour Louis pulled up outside a night club. “We generally have problems with fans if we go anywhere else, but here no one really notices us” said harry and we got out of the car. The cold hit my like needles piercing my body. I shivered. “Lets get inside, its freezing said Louis and the three of us walked into the club. Harry and Louis started to take off their jackets so i did too. I shrugged off my jacket wishing i had wore a cardigan with my little black dress. Harry mouth gaped open slightly when he saw me. I blushed and turned away as Louis dug him in the ribs. Coming out of his gaping stare , “wanna go grab a drink soph” asked Harry smiling. “Sure” i said and walked over to the bar with him. “What do you want? Im having a beer” said Harry. Oh God. What do i want? I had only ever been to a nightclub with my friends where we all had lemonade as there was strict underage drinking rules. “Um, ill just have a red bull please” i said smiling “Oh go on have drink, we’ll have two pints please” said harry handing over the money. Suddenly Louis walked over with Niall, Zayn and Liam. They were with 4 girls two of who i recoginised as Liam and Louis’s girlfriends. Harry introduced me to everyone. The other girl i didn’t recognise was a mate of Zayns and the other girl was Niall’s mate. Everyone was getting really into it, Dancing, drinking and Louis and Liam and they’re girlfriends were clearly having fun dancing with eachother. Everyone knew eachother apart from me. I got chatting to Niall half way through the evening at the bar. “i actually cant thank you enough for talking to harry the toher day, he was thinking of leaving the band and all sorts. He’s really cheered up since he met you” said Niall taking a swig of beer out of a bottle and sitting down a the bar with me. “No problem, i only wanted to help him out” i said. “It must be wierd for you . All this. Like two days you were a fan and now your in a club with us like friends” said Nialll luahging at me. “Its a bit strange yeah. I mean your all really nice so that makes it better but yeah its really strange when you look at it like that” i said smiling. An hour later all five of the boys had had long conversations with me. They had all seemed very eeger actually. I had spent the whole evening with harry. We had grown really close, well as close as you can be with someone after two/three days but you know what i mean. We got on really well and he made me laugh so much. I had danced with him all evening and he was always by my side making sure everyone was nice to me. It was really nice of him. I was starting to feel like they were kind of friends of mine or something like that.

 I walked outside in the cold snowy evening. It was freezing but i needed to cool down. The club was so hot and intense that i needed some air. I hear footsteps behind me. Harry was there. Rosy cheeked curls flowing in the wind. He smiled. I smiled back at him. “You alright” asked harry. “Yeah, im great. Just needed some air” i said smiling at him. A big gust of wind hit me and snow splattered my body. I shivered. I was freezing now. I’d been out here too long. “You cold? Asked harry walking over to me. “Just a bit” i said laughing at him. “Let me warm you up” he said and rubbed him hands up and down my arms in a jokey way making my arms warm up. “Haha thanks” i laughed as he warmed up my arms. “Haha no problem” he said and stood beside me. “You know harry,this evening has been amazing but i think im going to leave now if thats okay” i said. Niall, Zayn, and their mates had left already so it was only me, harry, liam, chloe and louise (liam and louis’ girlfriends) left here. “you know what i might go with you. Its only Louis, Chloe, louise and Liam left and they’re too loved up to realise were even here” said harry laufghing at his friends. “I’ll call a cab” Harry said taking out his phone. “That will cost a fortune” i said trying tot grab harry’s phone to prevent him from calling them. “Its fine, i have money on me” he said and called a cab for me and him to go home. When he got off the phone he smiled and said “It’’ be here in ten, wanna go back inside or stay out here?”. “I don’t mind, honestly” i said and started rocking on my feet in an attempt to keep warm. “Well go get you coat and come and meet me back out here, im going to wait for the cab” he said and i scurried off the in snow to get my jacket. I was seriously regretting bringing my thinner coat as i stepped outside onto the icy snowy ground. I saw harry’s silhouette in front of me and he turned round and smiled at me. “That coat is hardly going to keep you warm” he laughed and i started walking towards him. All of a sudden my foot slipped on the heel and i fell on my bum in a heap in the snow. Harry laughed at me and as he walked over to help me and gave me his hand to help me up i grabbed it and pulled him over as well. “Look whos laughing now “ i said, well both of us were laughing if im being honest. We were both casually lying in the snow outside a nightclub at two in the morning laughing. “You’ve really done it now” said harry and made a snow ball and through it at my arm. I made a snowball back and threw it at his head with force he just laughed and shook all the snow out of him curly hair. Then we both got up as the taxi pulled into the drive. The driver pulled down the window “Hey mate, um can we go to this address please” said harry with a grin showing the cab driver his phone where my address was under my contact on him mobile. I was in his mobile phone contact list. I smiled, then frowned. Bloody hell this was going to cost him a fortune. “Harry seriously this is going to cost a fortune, ill just call my dad to pick me up or something” i said protesting. “And it will take him an hour to get here, come on, ive got the money to pay and i honestly don’t mind” said harry he smiled at me reassuringly and then from behind his back threw another snow ball at me. I laughed and threw one back and then slid into the back seat of the car. I was expecting harry to jump in the front with the driver, but to my surprise he came and sat in the back of the cab with me. “Bit warmer in here” he said and took off his coat before doing up his seatbelt and chucking the coat in the boot. I stared at him. “Might as well make myself cosy, we have a long journey” he said and so i took off my coat as well but only then i was absolutely freezing. The cab had already started moving so me and harry had the immensely hard job of trying to retrieve the coat from the boot. “I cant feel it!” shouted harry in his voice when he is trying to be funny,  straining himself over the back seat of the car. “ i could see the driver giving us dirty looks. But i couldn’t help but laugh at harry, legs kicking wildly in the air trying to grab a coat for me. “GOT ONE!” he shouted and pulled out his coat. “Are you having a laugh, all that effort and it not even the right one” he laughed. “Ah well put mine on” he said and chucked me the coat. I put it on. It smelt of harry, his aftershave, his smell. I put the coat on and snuggled into it. It had to be the most comforting smell in the world.  “Liking it!” said harry at my new look. I laughed and stared out the window.

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