Never expecting the unexpected

When Sophie meets Harry Styles backstage, crying after one of the concerts on his tour, she comforts the boys shes only ever dreamt of meeting. She never ever dreamt that she would end up being the girl every girl dreamed of being. How will sophie cope with the media, love, lies, friendships and tragedies that come with being the girlfriend of Harry Styles?


8. My 'Date'

It was 8:56. 4 minutes and harry was due to pick me up to go out for dinner. I didn’t know how posh the resultant was going to be. I didn’t want to dress up really smart if we were going to Nando’s or something like that but then i didn’t want to look too underdressed if we were going somewhere posh. Realizing i had harry’s number from the time he called me i picked up the phone to ring him, but then stopped thinking i would sound really stupid asking how i should dress. So in the end i wore a purple dress which wasn’t too smart, wasn’t too casual and some black heels with my charm bracelet on my wrist. I haven’t told you about my charm bracelet yet have i? Its a designer chain charm bracelet with about 15 charms on it so far including an ‘S’, a heart, a lucky horseshoe, ballet shoes (im a dancer), a star and loads more. But its not a full charm bracelet. I’ve got room for more charms on it. Its really special to me and i wear it everywhere apart from school. I just put it on when i get home ffrom school even if im wearing my school uniform.. i  love it. I had worn it last night and i was wearing it again tonight but i didn’t care. I  had my hair curled but up in this curly pony tail thing with bits dangling (curly) at the front. Suddenly the doorbell rang and made me jump. I had told mum and dad i had a boyfriends called Ben (Lies) and that i was going out with him this evening. I dint want them knowing that i knew harry so i quickly opened the door and went outside before they could see who it was. Telling them i had a boyfriend when actually i was single seemed the perfect exscuse. “Hey Sophie” said harry glancing at me with this eyes boreing into me. “Hello, you alright?” i asked politly. Harry took my hand so i didn’t slip on the ice like last night. “Im great thanks, being more careful on the ice this evening are we?” asked harry. I was walking extra caustiosly even though he was holding my hand for support. “Haha, well i wouldn’t want to slip over now would i” i said and smiled up at him. This evening was going to be great.

Turns out he had taken me to a posh restuant, in London somewhere but im not sure where as i don’t know my way round London very well. The meal had been great...posh but great and me and harry had a right laugh but we couldn’t be our normal silly selves as the restaurant was so posh so we went outside and had a massive snowball fight in Hyde Park. I noticed harry had got out a hoodie so he didn’t get seen by any fans or press. I couldn’t complain. I understood that sometimes i guess he just wanted to be...well normal.

Harry was facing Winter Wonderland (a kind of fair/theme park place set up in London around chirstmas time) so i snuck up on him and shoved a snow ball down the back of his jacket for a laugh. He let out this stupid jokey scream and threw one in my face. I just laughed and threw one back. He started to run away laughing at me while i chased him. All of a sudden he fell over and I tripped over him and landed on the snowy floor aswell. We were cracking up in a pile on the floor when all of sudden i heard a high pitched scream. “Oh my god, Jess its Harry Styles!!” screamed a girl about my age only about three steps away. “Oh shit” said harry and shoved up his hood and grabbed my hand and pulled us away from them. But the girls were onto us now, they were not giving up. They ran after us and turned harry round to face them. “ I told you it was him!” screamed the first girl. “Oh my god, oh my god” said the other girl. “Can i have a picture?” asked the first girl. “Uh.....yeah sure” said harry uncertainly. The girl got out her camera and asked me to take a picture on her camera and her friends camera of her and her friend with harry. I took them and handed them back the camera, smiling politely. “Well i gotta run now girls, it was great meeting you though, bye” smiled harry and we started to walk away. As we walked away i heard the second girl say to her friend “Who was she? What was she doing with harry” in a discusted tone. Deciding i would ignore that comment i didn’t make  a fuss and harry called a taxi to take us home. It was only ten but i need to be home soon as i had school tomorrow. “Sorry about that, i cant exactly say no to them, they are fans” said harry sadly. “No i think its sweet that you will stop and have photos with your fans like that, they’re the reason you make music right? So why ignore them” i said and smiled at him to reassure him i was fine with it. Which i was.  Every word of what i had just said was true. “Thanks babe” said harry and he gave me a hug. But the taxi pulled up and harry said my address to the taxi driver. It made me laugh the way he knew my address after about a week of knowing me. I realised after this evening harry had mean this as a date but more like a date as friends at the moment. That was absoloutly fine with me. To be honest, now i knew harry well, i couldnt actually imagine being his girflried, i was happy being ‘Sophie, the friend of Harry’s’ and to be honest i don’t think i actually wanted to be him girlfriend, because he was becoming a best frined and i wouldn’t want it to ruin our friendship.

After a long journey home of joking around with harry and generally just sharing banter we pulled up outside my house where my mum and dad were waiting for me. So they didn’t know i was out with Harry, he stayed in the car.

I opened the car door, “Bye harry” i said and smiled at him. “Bye Soph” he said and gave me a hug goodbye. It was wierd to think that hug would have given me heart palpitations a week ago and now it just felt like i was some old friend. I was just hugging a friend and it felt natural. I smiled gently at him “See you soon” i said. “Definitely” said Harry and waved goodbye to me. I was very glad me and harry were good friends, it made me happy to have a special secret friend who was very close to me.

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