Never expecting the unexpected

When Sophie meets Harry Styles backstage, crying after one of the concerts on his tour, she comforts the boys shes only ever dreamt of meeting. She never ever dreamt that she would end up being the girl every girl dreamed of being. How will sophie cope with the media, love, lies, friendships and tragedies that come with being the girlfriend of Harry Styles?


19. Making it up to them

The next day was full of spiteful comments from girls in my year. But Lara and katrina were being the same old them. They came up to me and apologized for being so off with me yesterday. I smiled and promised i would introduce them to one direction at some point. After all they were my best friends and have been the ones i have shared my love for one diriection with since we were 12.

 I walked into the canteen with them both clutching my money tightly in my hand. I still had people stopping and staring wherever i went but i was starting to get used to that now. I was also getting used to the press, and spiteful comments from pretty much every girl on the planet apart from Lara and Katrina. They were being amazing.
“Babe, you know you could have told us” said katrina as we sat down with our food at a table. “I know hun, i was scared, i didn’t know how you would take it. But im going to make it up to you. I want to introduce you both to them...and well mainly to Zayn and niall. You know i think their both single” i smiled at them waiting for a reaction. “Hun, are you being serious?! You would introduce us to one direction?” shouted katrina. “Shut up!” Lara said playfully hitting her on the shoulder. “Yeah, your my best friends, you need to meet my other friends. So after the concert im going to ask the boys if you two can meet them backstage. What do you say?” i asked smiling at them. “Well yeah! Obviously” screamed Katinaa practically jumping off her seat in excitement. “Oh my god! Thank you Thank you! Lara screamed giving me a massive hug. “But guys, you have to remember that they are my friends, and well normal people. Dont embarrass yourselves yeah? One direction are my friends so im trusting you to act normal” i said. “Deadly normal” said Lara laughing casually at my comments. “Yeah we’ll act cooollll” said katrina and i laughed at her. I was suddenly filled with joy. Finally i realised that i should share one direction with my best friends. One direction were my best friends anyway and if i could make them be friends with Lara and Katrina as well then everyone would be happy.  Now i just had to make sure everything was okay with harry for them to come backstage and meet them.

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