Never expecting the unexpected

When Sophie meets Harry Styles backstage, crying after one of the concerts on his tour, she comforts the boys shes only ever dreamt of meeting. She never ever dreamt that she would end up being the girl every girl dreamed of being. How will sophie cope with the media, love, lies, friendships and tragedies that come with being the girlfriend of Harry Styles?


2. Just a normal guy with feelings

The music pounded loudly in my ears as One Direction pumped out the final few bars of the concert and everyone screamed and cheered so loud that i thought my ears might explode with the pressure. My throat was sore and horse from screaming and singing so much and to top the whole evening off i think harry noticed my I love Harry Styles poster! I was buzzing and the energy flowing through me was unbelievable. I clapped screamed and sung the whole way out before Lauren made a suggestion that we head out these fire doors for some fresh air away from the hussle and bussle of the crowds trying to get out of the Apollo. Singing What Makes You Beautiful we ran out into the cold winter nights air and sang at the top of our voices. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye something moved. I turned round, but Lauren didn’t notice she was busy doing something on her phone. In the darkness behind a corner, out of eye view was a person, curly hair, bright green eyes and dimples...crying. I knew that face so well i could not be mistaken. It was Harry Styles? The one person i had loved since his first ever audition on the x factor. I was all ready to scream and get a picture and give him my piece of paper when i noticed the tears. He had rakcing sobs streaming from his beautiful green eyes. He gave me a pleading look not to tell Lauren he was there and not make a big deal out of him being there. I smiled and turned my back to him. The realisation of the fact that harry styles was sitting right there, crying hit me and a rush of nausea came over me. I felt faint. I couldn’t just leave him there crying, these boys meant the world to me and i couldn’t see one of them crying. I would go back and see if he’s okay. My heart was beating like hell but  i had to stay cool and calm, i didn’t want him thinkning i was a prat. “Hey Lauren go see if dad outside will you, im gonna stay back here for a while longer. My ears are ringing i need some quiet” “Sure Soph, I’ll meet you out front” she smiled, we hugged each other and she ran away her long blonde hair swaying behind her humming as she went.

“Thanks” said a deep husky voice which sounded strained but unmistakably the boice i had heard from interviews and Tv appearances many times before. “Any Time” i said smiling and then causiously walked over to sit beside Harry. “You mind?” i asked, i didn’t want him to feel like i was intruding. He looked at me uncomfortabe, tears running down his cheek’s slowly. He saw i had noticed and quickly looked away, embarrassed. I stood up to walk away feeling humiliated. I felt really worried about why harry was upset. Like he was a friend i had known for years who was crying, not someone i had never met before. “Well....i need to get back soon but...” he said still not looking at me again. I started to feel like he really didn’t want me here. I knew he didn’t need to be back for at least half an hour as they had to leave when all the fans had left which would not be for at least another half an hour, so that was probably an excuse because he was embarrassed  about the crying. I was hardly aware of the fact that my heart was fluttering and i had a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. I  realised suddenly that this was the one person i had been wanting to see since they were on the x factor and now i was standing less than a metre away, almost touching to my dream man...Harry Styles. Then i focussed again. Why was Harry crying? He had everything, fame, money, girls and as far as i knew, happiness, but why was he crying? I sat down, quite far aaway from harry so he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, i was going to make the most of this as well as be a comforting support. “Harry? You don’t have to tell me, but i don’t like seeing you upset...what’s wrong?” i asked in a comforting sort of voice that you use when giving advise to some, a sympahteic tone and all that. “Nothing...its nothing” he said pulling his t-shirt up over his face. I’d seen him do that before, when he didn’t win the X Factor. Something tugged at my heart at the thought of harry sad. I couldn’t leave him, i just couldn’t. “You know you can tell me, i know that you don’t know me, but i wont tell anyone, im not like that...and maybe us not knowing each other is better...because you wont have to be embarrassed, because chances are you’ll never see me again” i said smiling up at him. I so badly wanted to touch his face and wipe away the tears pouring from his eyes but i knew that would seem seriously wierd and he would probably run away. “Please, i won’t say anything, promise on my heart harry” i said trying to sound comforting. Harry looked up, a glint in his eyes from teh tears listening from the moonlight. “Do you promise? I need to talk to someone, maybe your’ll be easier talking to someone i don’t know” he said as the tear that had been gathering in his eye poured from his face. “I promise, no one will know i even saw you” i said smiling. He looked into my eyes and he smiled back, a smile that lit up his whole face, showing his dimples. He looked away quickly though, as if looking in my eyes had burned his eyes. “Its my granddad, hes died and we were really close” he said more tears coming down his face. My heart stopped beating for a second. Aa feeling of regret filled me and i felt like i was about ot burst into tears, i felt like he was my granddad too for some strange reason. This feeling had happened to me before, when i was watching harry crying on a documentary because his performance hadn’t been good and people were asyaing stuff about him, on that occasion i had cried because i didn’t like to see him sad and i felt like that again.“Oh Harry, im so sorry” i whispered reaching out and touching his hand. I didn’t mean to, it was instinct, but he didn’t pull away. Electric bolts ran up through my arm at his touch and i could not control myself i almost had a mini heart attack at the thought that i was touching the one person i loved to pieces. When harry stayed silent i tried to think of something else to say. “Have you told the boys?” i asked still suing my sympathetic tone. “No. I don’t want a fuss” he said. “I understand” i said and paused for a moment. I was horribly aware that my hand was still resting upon Harry’s. I gently slid my hand away from his and started rubbing my arms to try and make myself warm. It was the middle of January and was due to snow tonight and all i had on was a t-shirt with 1 love one direction on it. I suddenly felt embarrassed by the top and covered the words with my hand. Harry saw me and smiled at the top. I was freezing to the bone. “Tell me about him” i said. I knew this helped. My great granddad had died and when he died i found it nice to talk about all the good things about him. Harry sniffed gently and looked at me. “ He was kind and had an incredible sense of humour. He was absolutely legendry coz he had this pipe which he always smoked and he was like 90 but was a right flirt. I reckon that’s where i got it from. He would go up to women half his age and flirt it was hysterical” Harry said smiling at the memory. I laughed quietly. Harry’s humour was still there through his sad moments. “He was always laughing, and if you had a problem he was there like some sort of superhero out of a film. He was an absolute legend” said harry staring at his hand which was placed gently on his lap. “He sounds like a great person” i said smiling. Suddenly Harry let out a burst of racking sobs. It took me by suprise, I felt so bad i didn’t think, i drew him into a hug. Realising what i’d done i pulled away quickly and apologized, thanking god it was dark so harry couldn’t see my beetroot red face. Oh. My. God. I’d just hugged harry styles...PRAT sophie PRAT! “No, its fine, its nice” said harry through tears and he pulled me back in for a hug as he cried on my shoulder. We sat there like that for about five minutes, then he pulled away and dried his eyes. “I really need to go back..thank you...uh what’s your name” he asked as i smiled. “Sophie...Sophie Loader” i said smiling. “Sophie...thank you, thank you for listening” he said looking at  me deeply. “Any time...uh can i be really cheesy and give you something” i said going a bit pink in the face. “Haha sure” he laughed. I pulled out the crumpled piece of paper from my pocket. “My details, i kinda had them ready in case i saw any of you, bit of a fan” i said smiling. Harry took it and laughed. “You don’t know how many of these i get a day” he said smiling “but you know what, you seem nice, im going to keep this one...thank you sophie for everything” he said smiling. He gave me a hug and i savoured every moment of the hug as this was going to be the last time i ever see him again. “Bye Harry” i said and he walked away smiling to himself tuxking the piece of paper safely in his pocket. This had been officially the best evening of my life so far. As i walked to meet lauren to go home i realised something that before this evening i hadn’t even considered. I didn’t want harry as a boyfriend that much really because i now knew that he was really a nice person and i generally just wanted to know him and be his friend. Harry was one of the nicest people ive ever met and that moment was one moment that i was not going to forget for the rest of my life

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