Never expecting the unexpected

When Sophie meets Harry Styles backstage, crying after one of the concerts on his tour, she comforts the boys shes only ever dreamt of meeting. She never ever dreamt that she would end up being the girl every girl dreamed of being. How will sophie cope with the media, love, lies, friendships and tragedies that come with being the girlfriend of Harry Styles?


17. Facing the facts

School had started again and me and harry only met up once after the newspaper incident and that was at his flat the night before New Years eve. We watched Love Actually and ate popcorn and pizza, he gave me a foot massage and i fell asleep leaning against his chest. It was amazing. He said he promised me that when school started again we could meet up and he’d help with my A Levels studying. He did hisoty and psychocolaagy too so he could help me with those.

I woke up the Monday before the first day of school .I was so nervous, i hadn’t heard from any of my true friends since the newspaper slip and i had only heard bad things from other girls in my year. I didn’t know how my true friends were going to take it and the fact that they hadn’t been in touch didn’t make things any better to be honest and didn’t send me a good vibe and feeling about it .

I got up, brushed my teeth changed into my school uniform and straightened my hair and put make up on my face. One thing about all the cameras was that someone had let slip five days ago my full name and the school i attended. They didn’t know where i lived which was good, but i was expecting media and press  outside the school, so although it sounds sad, i tried to make an effort with my appearcane. Otherwise the newspapers would be saying ‘Harry’s ugly new girl’ or something vulgar along those lines. And i couldnt have that. I then packed my books.

I walked out of the door, i always get nervous doing that in case someone let slip where i live. They already have done my school and walked all the way to school. I kept my head down praying none stopped me in the street to ask me questions. I have had a lot of girls recognise me, strangers, who have been shouting abuse at me and saying i have ‘stolen’ their boyfriend. I try to ignore it but i cant help but keep my head down when in publice places now. Some people are lovely though, saying they are happy for me and harry and thats if harrys happy they are happy.

Its all getting to mum a bit though.  Shecant take me out shopping without me getting stopped at least twice and everything. Im not even the famous one, god knows what harry is dealing with. It is starting to die down now though, all the interest in our relationship. But i was seeing people today who i haven’t seen since before chirstmas and before it all came out, and i was nervous.

As i came up the road i immediately saw hundreds of press ouside and Miss Cole my headteacher arguing with someone and telling them to going away but still she was posing for the cameras at the same time. This made me laugh, Miss Cole would love all the attention, she is that sort of person. I tried to slide past the press but. “LOOK THERE SHE IS THERE IS SOPHIE!” awww crap. I walked fast trhough them not answering any of the questions and miss cole led me into the school. I was expecting her to say something, lecture me, tell me how it is disrupting my education, but she gave me a sympathetic look like she pityed me. I smiled at her and walked over to the table where our group always sits.

When i got there everyone stopped talking. You know when you get that vibe that everyone had just been talking about you and you’ve interputed the conversation about you. I looked around  me, the whole canteen was staring at me. “You LIAR!” shouted someone from the corner. I ignored her. “So how was everyones Christmas?” i asked sitting down at the table. “Why didn’t you tell us Soph?” asked Lara staring at the table. “I...” i said. “Im your best friend, and you didn’t think to tell me that you were going out with harry styles” she said. “Im sorry, i just didn’t want it getting out to the press and i thought you would all treat me different if you knew i was” i said. “Your lying” said Katrina from the table. “Your not going out with him, you just snogged him when you saw him, if your actually got a steady relationship with him then proove it” she said and i stared at the table. Everyone had got stoney quiet. What was i supposed to say to that? “Please, i didn’t mean any harm, and im not lying i am going out with him and still am. Guys you have to promise me now not to let slip where i live, thats the only place where the press aren’t there taking photos of me. Promise?” i begged. Everyone just shrugged. I wiped a tear from my eye and went up to form. This was going to be the wrost. I sat next to two girls who loved Harry Styles. We used to have long detailed conversations about dreaming he was our boyfriend before i met him.

As i walked in the whole form went quiet. I was obviously topic of conversation everywhere in the school today. I didn’t look at anyone but they were all looking at me. Oh man this was going to be a long day.

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