Never expecting the unexpected

When Sophie meets Harry Styles backstage, crying after one of the concerts on his tour, she comforts the boys shes only ever dreamt of meeting. She never ever dreamt that she would end up being the girl every girl dreamed of being. How will sophie cope with the media, love, lies, friendships and tragedies that come with being the girlfriend of Harry Styles?


25. A bit too far....

Harry chucked me a beer and we snuggled down on the sofa listening to the sweet sounds of The Script. I looked up at the clock above the cooker. Just gone midnight. “Did u enjoy the concert tonight” harry asked stroking my hair gently. “Not as much as the first” i said cheekily smiling to myself. “Why?” asked harry, curious. “Because the first one brought me to you” i said and harry smiled and leaned in and kissed me. This was like no other kiss before. It was more gentle and loving. And i could tell from that one kiss that i loved harry. And i think he loved me back. He pulled me upright onto his lap still kissing me softly. I ran my hand through his curly hair and let my head fall back so he kissed my neck softly. He then gently pulled my face up to his and kissed me. He began to kiss all along my jawline and along my chest gently pulling me underneath him and kissing me on the lips gently and softly.

Suddenly, in burst Louis from his bedroom. He looked tired and his hair was all over the place. I laughed and he smiled. “Interrupted something have i?” he asked. I smiled at him. “I was wondering whether you wanted to order another pizza?” asked Louis. “Lou its three in the morning” i said laughing. Harry laughed as well before saying, “Fine order one, but don’t expect us to be eating it with you” said harry and Louis walked out of the room. We sat there for a minute listening to him ordering a triple cheese topped pizza.

“ Harry, I know its a Sunday tomorrow but im going to need to get back kinda early because i have dancing at midday” i said gently twining one of his curls around my finger. “Your a dancer?” harry said. Oh my god. Had i never told him about my dancing. “Yeah ive been dancing since i was two and a half. Did i never tell you?” i said surprised. “No. maybe i could get you a job as one of our backing dancers for the tour necxt year" he said thinking to himself "That was be amazing oh my god, that way we wouldnt be parted whilst your on tour" harry nodded and smiled at me. I breathed out a happy sigh. “Alright babe?” asked harry gently storking my hair with his hand. “Never better” i said and stared into his eyes. He smiled at me and then pulled my face towards his and kissed me. It wasn’t gentle but more meantiful and fast. He pulled me up so that i was more underneath him like before. I was so in a world of my own i hardly noticed his hand dancing underneath my top until i took a breathe of air form the kissing. It made me go all tingly all around my body. It made me feel so happy and it was the most magical feeling in  my life. I smiled at him while still kissing him. He ran his hand down my back and around the cruve of my bum before running his hand back up my body to my bra. Oh my god. This was it. I’d always wondered who i was going to loose my virginity to. And now to think it was going to be harry made the happiest girl on the planet. i loved harry and i knew he loved me too. We hadn’t been together that long but i really felt it and i was ready. I let his dancing hands gently begin to undo my bra and he let the bra hang loosely on my shoulder. I ran my hand up his stomache and pulled his top off over his head. I didn’t want to let go, i wanted to know every curve of his body. I ran my hand down his back soaking up every bit of him so i would never forget this moment. He gently began to storke me affectionatly trying to undo the xip on mmy trousers. I let out a little noice, i was a bit scared.

“Guys where are the...Bloody hell!” said Louis. He had walked in on us. I quickly hid behind  harry’s back as i did back up my bra. So tonight wasn’t the night. Louis burst into fits of laughter as harry slid his tshirt back on. I struggled with my bra clasp and eventually managed to do it back up with great difficulty. “Sorry guys” said Louis through fits of laughter. Harry went into the kitchen gently punching Louis inn the stomache jokingly on the way and took and carton of apple juice out of the fridge and took a swig of it. I looked at the time three thirty. Oh it didn’t matter, me and kenzie had said we were going round katya’s for a sleepover and katya had said she was going round mine. “Harry – You – Really – Should – Do – that – in – your – bedroom” said Louis still laughing. I didn’t see what so amusing, well maybe i did. “Right well night Louis” harry said and grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs. As soon as we were in harry’s room he pulled me towards him. “Im so sorry babe” he said and he kissed me softly on the lips. “Next time, we will try when Louis is not home” he said and we both climbed into bed in our underwear and one of harry’s t-shirts and snuggled up for sleep. I lay awake for a while lying against harry getting to know every part of him and his body, it was the most comforting and warm, happy feeling i have ever felt in my whole life.And i never wanted it to go away.

Yeah so this is a bit of an awkward chapter but y'know had to put it in :) Please leave comments on my movella so far and i hope your enjoying it!

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