the heartbreakers

5 girls became a band called the heartbreakers there were just 5 radom friends doing radom videos on youtube singing alot of there fav songs. but when they go to new york they start to become something and alot of things happen that could help the heartbreakers and alot of things happen that can destroy them


3. meeting 1d

Angels prov

"Again i'm not pretty you are so stop calling me that. End of convo" i told Rosy. "OK whatever" she said just than i felt a tap on my shoulder and when i turned it was Liam Payne from 1D.

"Hi I'm Liam" he said

"Angel" i said then pointed at Rosy "and this is Rosy"

"Sorry were late we just lost track of time" Liam said

"Its ok" Rosy said

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I'm Louis" Louis screamed and Rosy and i burst out laughing., "Shh Ashley, Claire, and Steph are sleeping." i said to him.

"Sorry" he said

"Its OK" i told him "and you guys don't have to introduce yourself's we already know who you guys are"

"We just want to be respectful that's all" said Niall who i just notice didn't take his eyes of me since he saw me. He saw me looking and turned away blushing.

"Do you guys mind carrying Ashley, Claire, and Steph to the car cuz we don't want to wake them up there really tired" Rosy said to them.

"No we dont mind" said Liam and with that Liam picked up Ashley, Harry picked up Claire, and Zayn picked up Steph and walked to the door. Niall came and grapped my stuff and Louis grabbed Rosy's and me and Rosy grabbed the girls things and followed the boys.

in about 20 minutes we were all in the car driving to the hotel. Rosy was in the car with me Liam and Niall. The other girls were in the 2nd car with Louis and Zayn and Harry drove the 3rd one filled with all of our luggage. 

When we got to the hotel me, Rosy, Niall and Louis carried the luggage to the 1 of the elevators and Liam, Zayn and Harry took the other one carrying the girls. Louis pressed the last button on the elevator and it started to move.

"So are you and El still dating" i asked Louis.

"No we broke up a month ago" he said looking at me "Why"

"Just wanted to know cuz i know Liam and Danielle broke up so.... just wanted to know" i said

Louis was about to say something but the elevators "ding" interrupted him. When the elevators door opened i grabbed 4 bags and dashed out, but once i was in the room a froze and looked around. Rosy had the same reaction. the place was huge the chandler looked like it was made of ruby's the floor was pure white. not a spec of dirt. i felt like a princess. the Louis came and looked at me and said "Ladies welcome to the penthouse" and started laughing at our reaction. i just kept staring at every single little perfect detail the pent house had. it even had a second and third floor i saw when i looked up. 

"Oh" i said

"My" Rosy

"Gosh" we both said the the same time still looking around and that made Louis laugh harder. just then Liam came down the stairs and said "quit Lou the girls are sleeping."

"Sorry" he said then Liam came up to me and put his fingers under my chin and closed my mouth and did the same to Rosy.

"Can we eat i'm starving" i whinned.

"Finely someone has brain in this house" screamed Niall running down the stairs.

"Niall quit the girls are sleeping" Liam said.

"Sorry, i'm just really hungry" he said.

"Then call the pizza place and order pizza" Liam said.

"yeah pizza" Niall screamed and Liam gave him a death glare. "sorry forgot quitness" 



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