the heartbreakers

5 girls became a band called the heartbreakers there were just 5 radom friends doing radom videos on youtube singing alot of there fav songs. but when they go to new york they start to become something and alot of things happen that could help the heartbreakers and alot of things happen that can destroy them


1. going to new york

Angel's prov

"Ahhhhhhhh" I scream and ran inside the house to the kitchen jumping up and down.

"What" asked Clarie.

"We get to perform at 1ds concert in New York." I screamed again and so did Claire, Steph, Ashley, and Rosy.

" Your kidding right" ask Claire.

"Nope. I went to go get the mail and saw a letter addresses to the Heartbreakers and I opened it and it was from Paul and it said that 1d watched our videos on youtube and they think we are amazing and if we perform at there concert we get a recored deal."

We all screamed again. That momment right there is like a dream come true. My friends and I always wanted to perform an a stage in front of a huge crowd and never thought it would happpen. But it is right now, this momment right here our dreams came true.

"They said simon cowell is going to be there to see us perfrom and to see if were good to sign us." i said reading the letter still in my hand "and we have plane ticket sto take a plane to new york" i waved 5 plan tickets in my hand.

"When are we flying to New York" asked Ashley. I looked at the letter.

"It says we have to catch the plan to New York in 6 hours!!!!!!" I said.

"Your kidding right, then we have get packing fast" said Rosey.

Everybody all ran to there house's, luckly we all live in the same street, so packing will be fast. I ran upstairs to my room and grapped my suitcase's that I leave on the top self in my closet and started packing.

i grabbed an armload of clothes from my closet and started folding it and put it in my suitcase. then i grabbed some shoes, jewelry, purfume, and my song writing book and put it in my suitecase. i write the songs for our band because everyone thinks that everything i write songs, poems, short storys, i put  meaning and voice in the song. everyone thinks that i understand love, hate, sadness, etc and i do. i've been through so much in life that i do understand all those things, but i dont believe i'm great at anything. but if they believe i can do it. then i'll do it for them.

After i was finishing packing i ran downstairs to see if my mom was here because we still havent told our parent about the letter and we still dont know if they would let us go. when i reaches the bottem of the stairs Claire, Rosey. Ashley, and Steph were all in the living room with there parents and my mom.

"hey Angel, your friends said that you have news for us" my mom said

"um yeah...well the heartbreaker's got a letter from a boyband" i told my mom

"thats great sweety what did the letter say" my mom asked

"um well it said that they saw our song on youtube and they thought we were amazing and" i didnt know how to tell my mom that we were going to new york.

"we can to perfrom at there concert" Rosy said seeing that i was having a tough time telling them

"thats great news girls, i knew you'll make it to the top" said Rosys dad. he always tells us one of these days well be famous and peopole all around the world will hear our beatiful voices and great songs.

"yeah and the letter says that simon cowell is going to be there and we ahve to perfrom technaclly for him to see if were good anough for him to sign us." claire said

"of course your good anough, you guys are going to blow the roof of the place" said my mom

"and" i said trying to find a way to tell them were leaving to new york in 4 hours, "were suppose to leave to new york in 4 hours." they all looked at me like i just told them im pregnat witch i was a couple of years ago. i had a baby girl and named her heaven and she lives with my aunt in new york city were me and the girls sre suppose to go.

"new york?" my mom asked

"Yes and we want to go because its a once in a life time chance mom and aunt veve lives there and if you want to check on us you can call her please mom please can we go" i whinned to her

"well even if i say yes you still have to ask the other girls parents" she said pointing at them

"can we go please" me and the girls chorused. they looked at yes than looked at ecah other and back to us.

"yes" they all said toghther. me and girls started screaming and jumping up and down. we cant belive that were going to new york city.

"whos going to pick you guys up when go to new york" Ashleys mom asked

"in the letter it said that the boyband is going to pick us up" i told her

"who is the boy band if you dont mind me asking" asked Stephs dad

"one direction" i told him

'ok i trust them" he said

"dad its not like there going to do something to me" steph said

"your a beatiful girl and guys will go all over you if you dont be careful" he said

"ewwwww dad gross" steph said

"ok girls go pack so you wont miss the plane" my mom said

"we already did before we ask you guys hoping you would say yes" i told her

"ok then what are you guys waiting for go get your bag and lets go" my mom said getting up.

4 hours later

We were all in the plane going to new york after we all told our parents goodbye.

"I cant belive we are acutally going to new york this is sooooo cool" said Steph. "yeah but were going to miss christmas" said Rosy. 

Rosy loves christmas beccause she can ask for anything and she gets it. One time she asked her mom for a farm and she got one for christmas. 

"for christmas were going to be performimg on satge with 1d" i told her.

she looked at me and said "your right what more can i ask for."

"wait where are we staying when we get there"Steph asked. 

"i rememeber the letter says 1d will be waiting for us when we get there to bring us to our hotel." i told her. "

oh ok" she said. "know everyone go to sleep its 2 o'clock in the morning and we wont be in new york fo the next 5 hours.

"your right we should sleep" Brit said.

"goodnight" i said

"goodnight" they all said

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