the heartbreakers

5 girls became a band called the heartbreakers there were just 5 radom friends doing radom videos on youtube singing alot of there fav songs. but when they go to new york they start to become something and alot of things happen that could help the heartbreakers and alot of things happen that can destroy them


4. Becoming a band

 Angels prov

After the pizza came me, louis, liam, zayn, harry and rosy all sat at the kitchen table eating. Niall ordered 2 cheese pizzas and 2 meat lovers pizza.

"so how did you guys became a band" Liam asked me.

"oh um we all had the same music class and we and to do a music project and the project was to create a band. So there were suppose to be 3 to 5 people in each band so me and rosy" I pointed to rosy "automatically took out a piece of paper and wrote down the names of 3 people we wanted to be in the band with us that were great singers in our music class. When the teacher finish talking we put our list together and we both had the same names on our paper, Claire, Ashley, and Stephanie. So we walked up to them and asked if they like to be in the band with us they said yes."

"and so" rosy said "we became a band. So we meet with Each other 3 time a week to work on our song and video for our project and so when we pass in our project for music the teacher she was going to show all the music videos of each band to the class"

"so" I said "our music video was last and the teacher showed it and after our video ended the teacher and the class said that we were the best band out of everyone. And so with that said we became the heartbreakers and started making music videos and uploading them on YouTube. We also made some video diaries so our fans on YouTube could see what we where up to"

The girls and I love being a band. We have so much fun singing together and writing music, hoping that one say we will be singing on a stage for a concert. And that one day finally happened. It was like a Christmas miracle. 

"So how did you guys came up with the name heartbreakers" Harry asked

"well we are all very beautiful girls and every guy in school want us so it was easy" Rosy said

"yeah whatever" I said 

"What you don't think your beautiful angel" Louis asked me.

"Nope" I said and all the guys gasped. I never thought of myself as pretty or beautiful. When someone says they think I'm beautiful I tell them not to lie to me cuz I hate being lied at and if I call myself beautiful I'm just joking around cuz I know I'm not."

Louis prov

"What you don't think your beautiful angel" I asked her

"nope" she said 

We all gasped. How could she not think she's beautiful. Her hair falls perfectly around her. Her brown eyes sparkle. She has an amazing smile. And her name matches how she looks, she looks like an angel.

"How can you not think your beautiful" Liam asked

"I just don't. Why do you guys seemed surprise." Angel said laughing.

"when we all first saw you, you took our breath away" zayn said "because your beautiful love" 

"I told you so" rosy said to her.  Angel looked at Rosy and got up and put her plate away and left the kitchen.

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