the heartbreakers

5 girls became a band called the heartbreakers there were just 5 radom friends doing radom videos on youtube singing alot of there fav songs. but when they go to new york they start to become something and alot of things happen that could help the heartbreakers and alot of things happen that can destroy them


2. Arriving in new york

Angel’s prov

I felt someone shaking me gently then I heard someone say, “Angel wake up, were here.” I opened my eyes to see Rosy standing over me.

“What” I asked still tried

“Where in New York” she said

“Oh” I yawned. Then I looked around. “Where’s Ashley, Steph, and Claire.”

“I told them to go on and we’ll catch up with them” she said.

I got up and reached for the cabin to get my backpack. Then Rosy and I walked out of the plan to where the other girls are. When we reach them they were all sleeping. Rosy try to reach for them to wake them up.

“Leave them there tired we can go get the luggage our self.” I told her.


We walked all the way to the place where they give us our luggage, grabbed them and went back to where the girls are sleeping and sat down.

“What time is it Angel.” Rosy asked

I looked at my watch and told her it was 7:13.

“Aren’t the guys supposed to be here by now.” She asked me.

“Yeah, Maybe there on their way.” I said

“Do you know there numbers to call them and check.” She asked me.

“Nope they didn’t give me their numbers” I told her

“So we just sit here and wait?” she said

“Pretty much”

“One thing I got to tell you, when the guys see you they’ll be head over heels for you cuz your sooooo gorgeous.” Rosy said

“FYI I’m not gorgeous” I told here

After I said that Rosy and I got into a huge friendly fight on who is pretty and who’s not, waiting for the guys to show up.

Liam’s prov

I woke up and looked at my clock and saw it was 7:43. We were supposed to pick the girls up at the airport today at 7:00. I got up out of bed and got dressed in a hurry. And I ran out of my room to wake up the lads.

“Before we go to the airport can we get some food” Niall asked

“No, we were supposed to pick up the girls an hour ago and I bet there hungry to. So we pick them up then go eat.” I said

“But I’m hungry.” Niall whined

“You’re always hungry.” Harry said coming out of the bathroom.

“Where’s Louis and Zayn.” I asked Harry

“In the room getting ready” he said

Harry ran upstairs to go call Louis and Zayn. About 20 minutes later we were all in the car driving to the airport. We took 3 cars so the girls can fit and we can put their luggage in one of them. I drove one of the cars, Louis drove the other and Harry drove the 3rd one. By the time we got to the airport it was 8:33. we all got out of the car and ran into the airport.

"Liam do you know how the girls look like" asked Zayn

I took 5 pictures out of my pocket of the girls and gave each one to the boys.

"Paul gave me pictures of them so when we came to the airport we know how they look like" i told them.

We started walking around looking for the girls. Louis started to run up to people shoawing them the picture of the girls to see if they saw the them but they all said no. we kept walking and looking for the girls when Louis screamed "I found them." We all ran to where he was and looked at the direction he pointed. 3 of the girls were sleeping and the other 2 girls were having a conversation about something. We all walked up to the girl and tapped the girl with dark brown hair with light brown and blond highlights that went all the way to here middle back. She turnd and she was the most beautiful girl i ever seen.

"Hi I'm Liam" I told her

"Angel" she said then pionted at the girl next to her and said "and this is Rosy"

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