What Happens in Holmes Chapel, Stays in Holmes Chapel (a One Direction Fan Fiction)

At 14 years old Amber's parents split up. Amber stayed with her mom but her dad moved to Holmes Chapel, England. She is now 17 and her dad has asked her to stay the sumner with him. She reluctantly agreed. On the plane she meets Niall. Will they end up together? Or will someone come between them? (this is my first fan fiction I hope you enjoy :) )


2. Oh my god, are you ok?!

Niall's POV

I've been in America for a few weeks, doing some stuff for the new album. My plan is to go to Holmes Chapel and stay with Harry for the summer. I just got out of a really bad relationship, so I'm  not looking for a girlfriend. I just want to stay out late at the club, have one night stands, no commitments. After I got dropped off at the airport, I went straight to Starbucks my flight is at 8:00 pm so I have time to spare. Its 6:00 pm but I have the worst hangover, partied a little to hard last night. After I was done with my coffee I took a little nap. when I woke up it was 7:50 pm. Fuck I over slept! I had to pee so bad, I ran to the bathroom. while I was using the loo I heard a feminine voice over the loud speaker, "NOW BOARDING FLIGHT 17 THE HOLMES CHAPEL, ENGLAND" Shit, that's my flight! I washed my hands quickly, and ran to get my bags. After I got my stuff together I ran to the gate I wasn't  looking where I was going and I bumped into someone. I put my bags down to see if the person is alright. It was a girl, she had long straight blonde hair, she blacked out. A few seconds later her eyes flutter open. They were a brilliant green, they reminded me of Harry;s  "Oh my god, are you ok?!" I ask her. She looks into my eyes and nods. God she was beautiful.

Amber's POV

I open my eyes to see a gorgeous guy standing above me. His face full of concern, the first thing I notice is his piercing blue eyes. I sat up too fast, got dizzy, and laid back down. Damn my head hurts! "Oh my god, are you ok?!" he asked. I notice his thick Irish accent, it makes me melt. He puts his hand out to help me up. "By the way my name is Niall." he said. I love that name. "My name is Amber" I told him sheepishly. "Well its really nice to meet you Amber". I love the way my name sounds coming from him mouth.

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