What Happens in Holmes Chapel, Stays in Holmes Chapel (a One Direction Fan Fiction)

At 14 years old Amber's parents split up. Amber stayed with her mom but her dad moved to Holmes Chapel, England. She is now 17 and her dad has asked her to stay the sumner with him. She reluctantly agreed. On the plane she meets Niall. Will they end up together? Or will someone come between them? (this is my first fan fiction I hope you enjoy :) )


3. Can I sit there?

Amber's POV

I pick up my things and go to the flight attendant at the podium checking tickets I give her my ticket. She checkd it, and nods at me saying "You can go ahead" I was walking with all my bags when I notice someone on the side of me. Its Niall, he only had a duffel and a back pack. I was struggling a bit. "Can I help you with your bags?" I heard him say. I stop and look at him, "Nah I've got it" I heard myself saying. Why the hell did I just do that? he asked to help and i declined? Wow Amber, smooth. I have two duffells, and a back pack. I made it on the plane without talking to him. He makes me so nervous. I found an empty row and sat down at the window seat, my favorite. I put my bags in the carry on compartment and sat down. Out of the corner of my eye I see a shadow. I look over to see Niall standing there, my is beating so fast I can hear it in the ears. He said something but i didn't hear, I was lost in his eyes. I snapped back to reality when I heard the pilot say, "Good evening passengers  please take your seats and buckle up. Also please turn off all electronics  thank you" Niall is still standing there as if waiting for a response.

Naill's POV

After I got onto the plane I lost Amber, I really wanted to sit near her. Then I saw her, she was putting away her bags in the carry on compartment. as she reached up her shirt lifted a bit. I saw a sliver her tan stomach, it was so toned. I went over to her row. "Can I sit there?" I asked politely  She looked up at me with a blank expression, after a minute or so the pilot said something over the loud speaker. She snapped back into it. "Can I sit there?" I asked again  "Sure" she said sweetly. I leaned over her to put my bags into the carry on compartment. I sat down in the seat next to her. She looked out of the window for quite sometime...

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