Saving You

From the day Jay and Taylor meet, Jay fell for her but always accepted that maybe Taylor didnt feel the same way. Until Taylors love life takes a turn for the worse and she realises that Jay is all she wants. But this love story isnt a happily ever after, as Jays world comes crashing down around him...will Taylor be able to pick up the pieces of Jays breaking heart?


1. The shock of the school


I stared at the pile of neatly folded and ironed crisp new uniform lying on my desk ready for me to change into for the new school year. My pencil case, revision book and new timetable were laid out on the desk next to a new school bag (black) ready to go for the first day back. This is year was a big year for me as it was the year i did my GCSE’s and i was a bit nervous about the whole ordeal.

I changed into my uniform quickly. It was a grim, bleak uniform of a black blazer with the school logo on the top pocket near my left boob, a grey skirt which is pleated and unattractive and a bit above the knee, knee length black socks (or ankle socks or tights but i wore knee length) and a crisp white shirt. I wore black pumps and had a black handbag for a school bag, so as you can see it was a bleak uniform. The only thing that was semi colourful was a navy blue jumper for the winter months but it was September and a hot day so i was not wearing any jumpers to school in a hurry. I tied my long blonde hair up into a high ponytail and applied a small bit of makeup, foundation, mascara a tiny bit of eyeliner and blusher and then packed my school bag, grabbed my lunch money and walked out of the door to the bleak depressing world of school. And it really was depressing.

My school was an old red brick building built in the 1900's so it was historic but it was also falling down in places. Most of the buildings are so old and dated that they move in the wind and. The only nice things about my school is there is a lot of trees and every friendship froup has a tree with thier enitials engraved in the tree. Its a school tradition. There are enitials going back years. The school gates lead onto a big concrete ‘playground’ type area. That was when i noticed it. Boys. Boys my age, not six formers. I hesitated but then wondered up to a group of them, I guess you could say i have never been shy around boys, i treat them like girls but only with a different mental state of animals.

“Hi, um im really confused, why are you guys here?” i asked. They all look round at me about ten of them, three of them were fit and had good looking faces, the others were sort of average. “We um, about fifty of us from Kingston are coming here for two weeks” said one boy with scraggly blonde hair which fell over his face in an unattractive way. “Why?” i asked, i didn’t really understand the point in people switching schools for two weeks. “Because you know our schools are supposed to be joining in a few years time, well they wanted to see how it would work, so fifty year elevens from our school have come here and fifty from your school have go to our school” said one of the fit ones, he had brown hair and big blue eyes. His smile was big and cheeky and you could tell he was a joker of the group, he was fit but not someone you would fall in love with at first sight. Althoguh he was quite fit there was no denying that. I snapped out of my observation of his face and I tried not to look too interested. “Oh okay, thanks guys, i was just seriously conf-” “Hey Tay, what you doing?” said one of best friend Lara grabbing my shoulders, and then she noticed the boys. “Oh, Hi” she said with a seriously confused look on her face. “So Tay, Mrs Clarkson says she wants to speak to you about something, she said go to her office asap” said Lara smiling at me. “Okay and they are here on some school exchange thing to test out the joining of our two schools” i explained and then said bye to Lara and the boys before sauntering off to Mrs Clarkson’s office wondering what she wanted with me.

Casually i knocked on the door outside her office. It was a big room with a round table in the middle where she had meetings, a filling cabinet (large one for that) and a desk with a computer and laptop and lots of various notepads and pencil cases sprawled out everywhere. Mrs Clarkson opened the door, she was my Spanish teacher and had long ginger hair tied up into a tight bun with freckles and glasses.

“Hello Taylor how was your summer?” asked Mrs Clarkson indicating with her hand for me to come and sit down in her office. I did as i was told and replied “It was very good thank you miss, how about yours?” i asked politely but still wondering what she wanted with me, she didn’t seem cross that was the main thing. “It wasn’t all that great actually my mum died” she said. My mouth fell open but i quickly closed it and sat there awkwardly twiddling my thumbs thinking of something to say. “Im sorry miss” i said and then just sat in silence. “OH its fine, all over now, anyway as you have probably noticed there have been fifty boys from Kingston High school who have exchanged with fifty of our girls and moved schools which is to test out the theory of our two schools joining, for example, how teachers would cope and how students will deal with the matter?” she said quickly. “Yes miss, i did happen to notice” i said stating the obvious and still oblivious to why i had been called in. “Well i would like some students to show round the Kingston pupils and to make them feel welcome, so i would like you and your friend which i do believe are Lara Ranger, Poppy Eyebright and Chanel Lowe to show around a group of boys.

They are a friendship group i do believe so it would be great if you and your friendship group could make them and there friendship groups feel welcome” she said smiling brightly at me. I felt a bit sick, that meant i was going to have to make friends with random boys who i didn’t know and act like some mentor to them for two weeks. Not good. “Okay then miss” i said reluctantly. “Here are a list of the six boys in the same friendship group i would like you and your friends to look out for, you are the only girls, most people have been given a friendship group to be paired with” she said and handed me a list of names, six names. Josh Clayton, Jason Prince, Toby Clark, Daniel Fountain, Mark Hilton and Luke Thomas. And with that i left Mrs Clarksons office holding the note and headed off to the playground to tell the girls.

Chanel laughed hysterically “YES! We get to play leader with some fit boys for two whole weeks, this is going to be great! We might even get off with one of them!” she said happily, she had always been the confident one of the four of us with boys. Always had a boyfriend (although at the moment she was single). I think its because she is very pretty and she knows it, you could say she was big headed but i don’t think that was right really just a big full of herself and in your face. “I don’t think its great, how awkward is this going to be” said poppy. Poppy on the other hand was the complete opposite of Chanel, she was shy and had probably never had a half decent conversation with a boy in her life. “Well, i think we are just going to have to deal with it because its what we have been told to do, so theres no point getting our knickers in a twist over it” said Lara filing her nails. We were all sitting down on the playground, there was about ten minuted until first lessons. “Well anyways its too late now because here comes Mrs Clarksons with out boys” said Chanel. I hated the way she said our boys but it was too late to say anything because they were here. “Taylor, Poppy, Chanel and Lara these are the boys i would like you to show around the school while they are here, make them feel welcome and show them the ropes here at Highmead” she said and walked off leaving the ten of us in an extremely awkward position.

So i took charge. “Hey, Im Taylor come and sit down” i said indicating the floor where we are were all sitting. I looked at the group of boys. Shit. Four of them were fit. It took me a while to realise that some of these boys were the ones from the group she had talked to earlier, including the fit one with brown hair. Then he spoke. “Hey, well im Jay, well Jason, but everyone calls me Jay” said the fit one awkwardly. And then we did that awkward introducing thing where everyone said there names. It was wierd, but i sort of liked it. I could see us being friends with them. Then the bell rang.

*So this is the start of my movellas, this is just an introduction chapter and is a bit boring but i promise everything will get better. My chapters are going to quite long, i hope you dont mind, and each chapter will be from a either Jay or Taylors POV, thank you for reading*



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