Saving You

From the day Jay and Taylor meet, Jay fell for her but always accepted that maybe Taylor didnt feel the same way. Until Taylors love life takes a turn for the worse and she realises that Jay is all she wants. But this love story isnt a happily ever after, as Jays world comes crashing down around him...will Taylor be able to pick up the pieces of Jays breaking heart?


8. The new me and the the badboy


I went downstairs, it was Saturday and very sunny for a spetember day. I was wearing shorts, a white lacy vest top and white converse and was making myself a tuna sandwich for lunch. I stared out of the window leading out onto the front of my street and saw a huge van pull up on next doors driveway saying ‘Happy moves’. The new neighbours had arrived. I smiled and went outside sandwich in hand. A car, Honda i think although im not good with cars, pulled up outside the house. A couple, middle ages, forties maybe climbed out of the two front seats, followed by a girl of about elevenor twelve and a boy about my age. The boy automatically caught my eye so much so i almost dropped my sandwich.. My mouth dropped.

He was just about the fittest person i had ever seen in my life. He had tanned skin like he had just been on a summer holiday and the most amazing brown eyes i had ever seen in my life. The kind you could fall into and never return. He had whispy blonde/brown coloured hair, im not sure what colour it was, it was like golden i guess. He had the most perfect jawline all strong and bold and structured and his lips. Oh my god, his lips. They were pronounced and looked soft and loving. I just wanted to walk over and kiss them there and then. But obviously i couldn’t.

I sat down on the doorstep and ate my sandwich and watched while everyone started unloading boxes and stuff and taking them inside. The man (dad of the boy and girl i was guessing) smiled and me and i felt stupid. I needed to introduce myself not just stand here looking like an idiot. I carefully got up and walked over to the family. “Hi, im taylor, i live next door, i was wondering whether you guys needed any help?” i asked suddenly awfully embarrassed at how awkward this whole situation was. “Hello Taylor, Im Mandy, Mandy Brown” said the mother of the family and offered me her hand to shake. “Ill tell you what why don’t you and Danny unpack all the CD’s and DVD’s from that big box and put them into the cabinet in the living room”

So Danny was his name, and thanks to him mum i was now helping him unpack the bags in the living room. I smiled “Okay Mrs Brown” i said, “Oh please dear, Mandy” i smiled and walked over to Danny. “Hi” i said and faced Danny and smiled at him. He looked up from his phone and smiled back at me “Hi, I’m Danny, what your name?” he asked tucking his phone carefully away in his back pocket. “Taylor” i said tucking a bit of my hair behind my ear, suddenly realising how that must of looked like i was seriously flirting i blushed and looked away. “Um, i offered to help unpack and your mum said you had some CD’s and stuff that needed unpacking” i said forcing myself to look back at him face. “Oh yeah, that would be great if you could help me unpack all of them, there are hundreds” he said and led me into the house. This house was significantly bigger than mine but pretty much looked the same from the outside, it had the same views of the sea from out the back and generally looked a nice tidy house, well except the boxes piled up everywhere.

“So tell me about you” Danny said dragging over two massive boxes simply stuffed full of CD’s DVD’s and Games, so many they could start a business. “Well, i live next door, and i go to High mead girls school, you know the other side of town” i said smiling happily at him. He began putting CD’s into this cabinet thing and so i copied. “Cool and do you have a boyfriend” he said. Really? Flirting, i had known him all of five minutes. “No, no boyfriend” i said cringing at he conversation.

“Well, i don’t see how a beautiful girl like you can not have a boyfriend” he said smiling at me. I blushed and looked away. No one had ever properly called me beautiful before in person. I smiled. I liked Danny, i liked Danny a lot. He seemed a bad boy, and i knew he was leading me on, i wasnt stupid. But at that point i did not care. He was fit, and i fancied a bad boy. I really did.

And you could tell he was (whats that cheesy word my mum uses) oh yeah, a womanizer, always had a girlfriend ect, ect. But i didn’t care, he didn’t have one now. I decided to be completely unlike me. I had never done anything like this before in my life. I didn’t know Danny, his family, his friends or anything i just said “Well we can always change that” and he leant in and kissed me. It wasn’t like the kiss with Jay, he kissed me hungrily, and i could feel  him grinning underneath my lips. I smiled. This was what i wanted, a boyfriend who was certain of what he wanted. I pulled back from him. “Well that was fun” he said and we got back to piling the CD’s onto the cabinets racks. I did feel a bit bad, like a slag, slut. Every word you are thinking now i probably was? But right then i didnt care. Danny was making me feel wanted.

An hour passed and i said i had to go as my mum and dad would be wondering where i was. “Cool, well how about we go to a movie tomorrow?” asked Danny holding my waist like we were in some steady relationship. It made me feel slightly uncomfortable. “Sounds good” i said and left him standing there hands in his jean pockets watching me walk back to my house. I was pretty happy, i mean techniacally the kiss with Jay was nothing, it was a silly mistake in my eyes and it was something that should never happened. Besides me and Jay were good friends, also Jay was too funny, and good to be my boyfriend, i wanted a bad boy. I smiled at that thought. What had i turned into? Decision made. Jay and I were going to be great friends and me and Danny were going to go out on our date to the cinema.


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