Saving You

From the day Jay and Taylor meet, Jay fell for her but always accepted that maybe Taylor didnt feel the same way. Until Taylors love life takes a turn for the worse and she realises that Jay is all she wants. But this love story isnt a happily ever after, as Jays world comes crashing down around him...will Taylor be able to pick up the pieces of Jays breaking heart?


5. The Big date


I could have fainted i was so excited. I felt like something was bubbling inside me waiting to break free. I quickly ran into the bathroom and checked my make up, all still okay from school. I then went into my room and changed out of my school uniform into jeans and a cream top and cream pumps before grabbing my phone. I was about to slam the door behind me when mum caught me off guard. “Taylor sweetheart, where are you going?” she asked curiously with a pile of jacket potatoes in her hands. “Im just going to help a mate out with his revision” i said shrugging on a light brown leather jacket i had owned for years. “But you haven’t eaten yet” she said waving the potatoes in the air enthusiastically and frowning  slightly at my apparent attitude. “Just give my one to dad, hes always complaining you don’t give him two” i exclaimed quickly adjusting my charm bracelet hanging round my wrist. “So what are you going to have?” she asked getting a bit frustrated with me. She looked like she was about to drop the potatoes in frustration and set them down on the counter in the hall way. “I’ll grab a kebab or something” i said praying to god she would let me go “Mum im sixteen in three days, seriously” i said and then she gave in “Fine, but be back by ten, its a school night” she said and with that i quickly ran out of the house before she changed her mind.

I knew where furriers close was as one of my friends from primary school used to live there. It was very close to the beach front and was like small semi detatched houses pretty much on the sea front with great views from the front windows. I ran as fast as i could panicking. I don’t know why i said i would be there in ten because it took about ten to fifteen minutes to walk to the beach front. I started to run, determined not to be too late for Jay, otherwise i would have felt stupid. With all my effort i ran as fast as i could, i was not an athletic person. I was a dancer but not a runner. When i got to the sea front i stood at the end of furriers close for a bit to get my breathe back so it didn’t seem like i was running to his house and then carefully studied the brightly coloured front doors in search for number 20. It was one right at the end of the long row of houses, a neatly cream painted semi detatched house with neatly trimmed grass outside. Mum would approve of that grass, she says the way someone cuts their grass shows what they are like as a person.

I grabbed the knocker on the door and gently knocked on the door carefully, not wanting to damage the perfect red paint on the front door. Jay answered the door almost immediately. He was wearing jeans, baggy but not ugly baggy like some guys wear and  a white t-shirt, very casual, the sort of outfit you can imagine a guy doing his homework in. “Hey Taylor, come in” he said eyeing me up and down before letting me into the house. I looked around, it seemed like no one else was in. It was a nice house though. You walked in and was straight into the living room with stairs in one corner. The carpets were cream and the walls were dusty grey with a black and grey rug and a black sofa with grey cousins, and finally a big TV on the wall of the room. It was nice, tclassy. “Dad and Ali are out so its just us, sorry” he said and led me through a door to the dining room/kitchen where the homework was set out on the table. “So your basically screwed yeah?” i said looking at the homework. He laughed “Yes, like a clockwork doll” he said and grinned stupidly. I giggled and then he said “Shall we do the homework in a bit coz i don’t know about you but i wanna grab some food” he said and indicated the front door. I was so happy he said that i could have jumped up and down with joy because my stomache was rumbling like mad with the anticipation of actually eating food.

“Oh my god, that sounds great” i said and rubbed my belly with enthusiasm before following him out of the door, i left my brown jacket inside as i was still hot from running all the way to him house. “Kebab alright?” he asked leading me to the pier where i knew there was the most amazing kebab shop in the world. I was craving one. “You read my mind” I said and we began walking to the pier. I have to admit, our beach was beautiful. It was sandy not like those horrid stony beaches you can get and had little beach huts along the sea wall which was covered with grass behind the sands. There was a long pier with an arcade and kebab shop and a small park where we all met up at the weekends. We headed for the kebab shop. “So tell me about yourself?” i said trying to make conversation, “Well...” he said looking at me like he was about to start reading an essay, he did this thing with his eyes that made me burst out laughing. “Well what?” i said entrigued. “I have a dad and a sister who is six called Alicia but we call her Ali, my mum died of cancer when i was two” there was a short pause, and i felt sick with the thought of someone losing someone so close, so young. But then he spoke again. “I play guitar and write a lot of my own music, so im in a band at school called ‘Loved Up Guns’, not my choice of name may i point out” he said smiling and i laughed again, i couldn’t help myself. “I like playing sport too, cricket and rugby mainly and im the joker of the group, so i guess you could say im a comedian too” he said and pulled a funny face which again made me giggle.

“So what about you?” he said looking at me deep in the eyes. “Well, i have a mum and dad, no siblings, although i have always wanted an older brother to take care of me and look out for me. Im a dancer, i do ballet, modern, jazz, tap, comtempary, lyrical and character but i only do it on a Monday and Friday so i do manage to get a social life!” he laughed a little and i carried on talking “Im good at art and science and i want to be a vet when i am older and travel the world, see the world, experience amazing things” i said and looked up at the stars forming above our heads. “Sounds liked you have your like planned out” said Jay just as we pulled up outside the kebab shop. I smiled at him. He smiled back, a deep warm and sexy smile, i loved that smile. “Come on then, lets get food before we catch a chill” he said and walked into the kebab shop confidently. We stared  at the menu and bought the kebabs and then went and sat on the sand looking out to sea. “So your a dancer then, does that mean your good at gymnastics?” he said ruffling my hair jokingly. I laughed “No it doesn’t although i am pretty good at headstands!” i said smiling. “Me too, watch!” he said and put him kebab down on the sand. He pretended to roll up his sleeves even though he was only wearing a t-shirt and carefully tried to balance on his head. I couldn’t keep a straight face, i burst out laughing hysterically to myself. One thing was for sure, he could not headstand. He failed miserably. “That was a rubbish attempt at a headstand!” i exclaimed and showed his kebab in his mouth as a punishment. “Yeah well its better than you could do” i smiled at then said “You have sand in your hair” he grinned and shook his dark brown hair all over my face and kebab letting the sand escape the hair and go onto me. I squealed and scraped up some sand off the ground and shoved in on his lap. He gasped like a girl and shoved my kebab in my face too, then we just broke down into fits of giggles. “So do you reckon we should start heading back finish the Spanish?” he asked me looking into my eyes. “We can start walking back, but you can just copy my work tomorrow morning if you want?” i said logically, “Sounds like a plan!” he said and we walked back to his house. His dad and sister were still out. I wondered where they were but i didn’t bother asking i didn’t want to seem too nosy. We sat down on the sofa and then he said

“Hey shall i walk you home now?” “That would be great” i smiled and he grabbed my jacket for me and put it round my shoulders before opening the door for me. We walked in silence for a while then we got to the outside of my house “I had a  really nice time tonight” i said and smiled up at Jay, he was tall so i was looking up. “Me know i really like you Taylor” he said and slowly, very slowly, moved towards me.

It was like he wasn’t sure whether or not he should, whether he was doing the right thing. But i wanted this more than anything. I smiled just as he leaned in closer and pressed his lips gently to mine. I could have fainted if the moment hadn’t been so good i wouldn’t have wanted to miss it. His lips were so soft and felt like they were meant to be locked with mine. He held my waist with one hand and ran his other hand through my hair gently, it sent tingles all over my body. Slowly he pulled away and smiled with his eyes still closed from the kiss. “You know, i feel like i really care about you Tay, even if i have only known you for a day, you different, your special” he said in a hushed quiet voice. I smiled and kissed him gently on the cheek “Ill see you tomorrow” i said and he hugged me. It was the best hug i had ever been given. He was probably six foot and i was five foot four so he is taller than me but thats what made the hug so perfect. His muscled arms were around my waist and mine around his and he was big like he was protecting me from all harm ever to come to me. I felt protected, wanted, needed, special. “Bye” i said and let myself into the house for the night.

I ran in and jumped on my bed, happier than i had felt in a long time

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