Saving You

From the day Jay and Taylor meet, Jay fell for her but always accepted that maybe Taylor didnt feel the same way. Until Taylors love life takes a turn for the worse and she realises that Jay is all she wants. But this love story isnt a happily ever after, as Jays world comes crashing down around him...will Taylor be able to pick up the pieces of Jays breaking heart?


2. Spanish with blondie


So far it had been an awkward morning to say the least. Me and the lads had literally just all been piled into a mini bus and told we were moving schools for two weeks to an all girl school. I mean don’t get me wrong, i don’t mind. Two weeks in a school full of fit girls. I have no complaints. Then some girl with long blonde hair, she was pretty, not the sort of person you think ‘whoa she is fit’ but she was pretty walked up to us and started asking us why we were here so i took it upon myself to explain. And then some stuck up, full on woman with ginger hair in some stupid hairdo which looked like a doughnut on her head said we were being ‘looked after’ by four girls from the school. I walked over to the girls and immediately recognised the girl with the long blonde ponytail who had asked us all the questions earlier. I then looked at the other three, one was wearing a lot of make up with long brown hair, one had ginger hair but it was straight and pretty and the other had blonde hair like the girl i had seen earlier only it was very curly. We stood there awkwardly while the teacher with the doughnut hair introduced the girls as Lara, Poppy, Chanel and Taylor. I just stood there awkwardly, these girls were supposed to look after us which to be honest was pretty crap and pathetic.

“Hey Im Taylor, come and sit down” said the blonde one with the high ponytail who i had spoke to earlier. I felt awkward just sitting on the floor leaning against some wall on the playground thing but thats what everyone else was going so reluctantly we all sat down next to the girls. Nobody was saying anything and if we had to spend two weeks with these girl i felt someone needed to say something quick. Like introduce themselves or something. I tried to give Danny a look of inspritation, trying to get him to say something to them. He was usually pretty confident with girls, but nothing came out of his gob so i had to say something. “Hey, well im Jay, well Jason, but everyone calls me Jay” i said awkwardly not quite sure what else to say. Taylor looked at me in the eyes and i quickly looked away feeling akward and embarrassed. Then everyone decided to introduce themselves to each other.

That was when the bell rang to go to the first lessons. “Well, i don’t really know where you are going for registration, any ideas?” said Taylor asking us. “Yeah, we have to get registered in H17” said Mark, which took me by suprise, he was never organised. Taylor seemed to look a me for a confirmation but i just shrugged. “Could you show us?” said Toby saying what all the rest of us were thinking. “Tell you what Tay me and the girls will go up to form and tell Mr Miggs where you are and you show them to their room” said Chanel and wondered off leaving poor Taylor to deal with us. Haha. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself, they had all just left her. “Right well um...its this way” she said and led us in the direction of an old looking building which looked pretty run down. I swear i could see it moving. No one said anything. It was another awkward moment in my morning. She showed us to a big classroom which was pretty dark and looked out onto the school fields out the back of the school. “Here you are. Well um, we are in the same lessons as you and the first one is Spanish and that is literally next door to this room so you don’t need me for that but um...i will see you in Spanish then” she said and walked off to her form room to get registered.

We walked into the classroom and realised that it was full of people from our school, nearly all of them were discussing the girls they had been given to be their mentors for the week. Me and the guys sta down in the corner of the room. “I think Taylor and Chanel are pretty fit” said Josh just putting his thoughts out there. “Yeah i guess they are alright, they seem a bit boring but i reckon they are just shy” said Danny and Mark nodded in agreement. “I think Taylors pretty easy going though” i said because she seemed to talk a lot more than the others “Yeah and Chanel seems very outgoing and full of herself” said Toby confidently. We all nodded in agreement before a man walked in with books under his left arm and a coffee in the other hand. “Morning lads” he said. “I am Mr Chalk and i am your form teacher for the next two weeks” he said. “Right lets get on with it...William Abbotts” he began the register loudly . “You know i reckon we could get along pretty well with these girls you know” whispered Josh in my ear. I nodded in agreement and tried to look like i was paying attention to the register when actually i was excited. I didn’t know why but i was looking forward to seeing Taylor again and i wanted Spanish to come quickly and for Mr Chalk just to finish the register already.  The bell rang for first period and we all grabbed our bags and me, Josh, Toby, Mark, Danny and Luke sauntered into the room next door for Spanish.

“Everybody line up at the back of the classroom” a small plump woman was shouting over the noise of the people outside. Everyone in the class lined up at the back of the class. “Now. I would like to welcome everyone into my Spanish class, i am Mrs Peterson and i will be your teacher. Now i have a seating plan for you all and i don’t want any complaints about where i put you” she said. Eveyrone groaned all the same though at the thought of a seating plan. “Right starting from the back, Daisy, Eleanor, James, Kaya, Luke, Bella, Sophie, Tina, Harry, Charlotte, Danny, Ella, Chanel, Poppy, Ned, Lara, Alison, Toby, Mark, Latisha, Carla, Becks, Oliver, Josh, Jessica, Holly, Jason and finally Taylor” she said. Everyone sat down in their assigned seats and everyone was in pairs. By pure luck i was sitting next to Taylor, thanking god it was somebody i actually half knew, i sat down and got out a pen. Taylor got out a Spanish book from her bag and i got out mine from my old school, she then got out a pencil case and her organiser and a revision book. I stayed put, i was not organised in revision like that.

“Heya” she said smiling at me. She had a nice smile, pretty. “Hey” i said not write sure what else to say, then the teacher began talking and Taylor began to scribble down some notes in her revision book. I just watched, i wasn’t all prepared and organised like that, i just wrote down the teachers told you to write down. I looked up and the teacher was standing in front of me. “Well?” she asked. Shit she had asked me a question and i wasn’t paying attention. “Um...” i said and noticed Taylor write down the word ‘leche’, praying to god she was hinting me i said “Leche miss” and she smiled and said “Yes, leche is milk, so how would you say, ‘I would like to buy some milk?” she asked the class. I looked at Taylor, “Thanks Taylor, i owe you one” “No problem” she said and smiled at me. That smile again. “You know your school seems a lot more strict than mine” i said which was very true from what i had seen of it so far. “It is pretty strict, and the classrooms are skank” she said smiling. I laughed. “Well they are not much better than our ones” i said laughing. “Seriously, this building cannot be knocked down because if they knock it down some poisonous gas will be released from the walls and everyone around will die” she said laughing a big now as well. I couldn’t help but laugh some more “Seriously, so we better not start poking holes in the walls or anything then” i said and then did this dying impression of me choking to death. Taylor starting cracking up and i couldn’t help but laugh too. It was too late when i realised the whole class was staring at us and the teacher looked extremely cross.

“Taylor, Jason, Detention this lunchtime” she said and got back to writing something on the wall. “Sorry” i said. “No it was the funniest thing i have seen in a while” she said and smiled at me. The lesson ended and she showed me to my next lesson. “We have no other lessons together, but if you guys meet me and the girls at the same place we met this morning for lunch then we will see you then” she said. I really wanted to see Taylor again, i could not wait until another Spanish lesson. “Okay then sure, we will see you at lunch” i said and sautered off to woodwork happily.

*Second chapter guys, like i said they are quite long, i promise in the next few chapters, things will start to happen between jay and getting there promise*

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