Saving You

From the day Jay and Taylor meet, Jay fell for her but always accepted that maybe Taylor didnt feel the same way. Until Taylors love life takes a turn for the worse and she realises that Jay is all she wants. But this love story isnt a happily ever after, as Jays world comes crashing down around him...will Taylor be able to pick up the pieces of Jays breaking heart?


9. Heartbroken

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I walked into the school, head held high the next morning. I could not wait to see Taylor again. I hadnt stopped thinking about her since the kiss. It was amazing, like i had never felt this way about a girl before.

I walked into the gates and saw the group by the wall. Everyone was sitting there apart from Taylor and Chanel. I smiled. That meant she would be here soon. "Hey mate" i said facing Luke "Hey" he said and then gave me a cheesy grin. Ten minutes passed by slowly waiting for taylor oto arrive. I couldnt wait to see her, her beauitful blonde hair, her eyes, her body, her curves. Everything about her wa perfect i couldnt actually belive how lucky i was. I couldnt wait to see where our relationship would lead.

"Whos Tay with?" said chanel loudly so the whole group turned round to face the school gates. Immediatly my heart sank. I felt sick like someone had punched me int he stomache. She was with a boy. She didnt see us looking and hugged him goodbye before entering the school. "Hi guys" she said as she approached us. She loooked beautiful but i hardly had a chance to think about it. I felt like i have been punched millions of times in the heart. I didnt even know her that well but she was with someone else. Why had she kissed me then?

Poppy went to say something but Taylor interupted. "Jay, can i talk to you please?" at first i didnt hear her. Her amazing pure voice. "Jay?" she said. "Oh yeah...sorry" i said and got up chukcing my bag over my shoulder. She led me over to an oak tree and stood beside it fiddling with a curl in her hair. She looked awkward.

"Jay, um..well you know we are really good friends, and your so funny and i think that maybe we would be better off if we stayed as like bestf riends and it wasnt anything more, and you know we forgot about the kiss?" she sai. My heart plummeted to the ground. She didnt feel like i did. I felt like a million needles were piercing my heart.

"Jay?" she said. She sounded worried. Like she might cry. I could not see her cry. "Yeah sure, it was a mistake. We are too good friends to jepodise that" i said and she smiled. She sighed out in relief. "Thank god, you feel the same. Thanks Jay" she said and hugged me quickly. She smelt so good. Sweet. I enhaled deeply and let her go before the bell rang and we wonderred off to spanish. Her happy. Me sad.

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