Saving You

From the day Jay and Taylor meet, Jay fell for her but always accepted that maybe Taylor didnt feel the same way. Until Taylors love life takes a turn for the worse and she realises that Jay is all she wants. But this love story isnt a happily ever after, as Jays world comes crashing down around him...will Taylor be able to pick up the pieces of Jays breaking heart?


10. Date with a badboy


It didnt take me long to get ready for the date with Danny. I already knew what i was going to wear. I practically ran home and quickly grabbed a sandwich before running upstairs.

I shoved on my clothes which had been neatly laid out on the bed previously. I wore some light blue jeans with a lacy white top and ugg boots . I sort of wanted to impress but i didnt wear anything dressy so i had decided to dress casual.

All the way through getting ready i couldnt think of anything but Jay. I didnt know why, but no matter how cool he seemed earlier, i think i reallly hurt him when i turned up to school with danny. I felt like a player, this wasnt like me at all. Not my personality, not who i was. But i really liked Danny and couldnt help but feel that this was what had to be done, that he was the one i wanted to date.

I put on some makeup and made my hair look nice before grabbing my bag, phone and money and leaving the house.


I arrived at the cinema three minutes before we were meant to meet. Danny was not there yet, so i grabbed my jacket from around my waist and slid it over my shoulders to keep some warmth in my body while i waited for him.


He was ten minutes late, i thought maybe he was caught up at home, maybe he wasnt allowed out and was trying to pursuade his parents, or misjudged the amount of time it would take to walk here. I wasnt worried though, so instead i walked to the local corner shop and gravved a can of coke. As i was paying a couple walked in, the guy had his arm around the girl. 

My stomache dropped to my butt. It was Danny, and he was with a girl. He hadnt spotted me and instead kissed the girls neck while she giggled affectionately at his actions. My jaw dropped dramatically.

"Danny?" i asked. He looked up. The smug grin dropped from his face, and my heart broke in two. "Taylor...I-" "Just forget it!" i said and stormed out of the shop, forgetting my can of coke completely

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