Saving You

From the day Jay and Taylor meet, Jay fell for her but always accepted that maybe Taylor didnt feel the same way. Until Taylors love life takes a turn for the worse and she realises that Jay is all she wants. But this love story isnt a happily ever after, as Jays world comes crashing down around him...will Taylor be able to pick up the pieces of Jays breaking heart?


3. A spanish date


I couldn’t wait to tell the girls about the Spanish lesson.  I walked into Maths which was the lesson i had with all three of them and we all sat on the same table so it was all good. “So girls, what do you think of our guys?” said Chanel the second she sat down. “I think that the fit ones are Jay, Danny and Mark and then the others are alright” said Poppy which came as a shock because she didn’t usually judge people by looks. “I think Luke seems quite shy” said Lara taking her pencil case out of her bag and taking a swig of coke from a bottle secretly as fizzy drinks were not allowed in class. “I think Jay is really nice, i sit next to him in Spanish and he is really nice and funny” i said. There was a pause and then chanel said “YOU LIKE HIM! OH MY GOD YOU LIKE HIM!” she said and then burst out laughing . The other two were looking at me waiting for me to reject the comment. “Well, hes nice, and hes fit, but i don’t know him that well yet so i don’t know” i said and then i turned away as i could feel my cheeks burning. I just tried to concentrate on the piece of work on fractions or something on the board. I didn’t have a clue what i was doing so i put my hand up so the teacher would stop Lara, Chanel and Poppy from teasing me about Jay.

The day passed slowly up until lunchtime. When we arrive at our wall we saw Jay, Josh, Mark, Luke, Danny and Toby all sitting by the wall waiting for us. We saunted up to them “Hey guys” said toby and we sat down near them making a sort of like circle shape so we could all talk to each other. “You know the one thing i hate about your school, is there are no footballs to play a game of footie with at lunch” said Mark in a huff. “Thats because we’re girls, we talk, we don’t kick footballs around at lunchtimes” said Chanel reapplying some lipgloss to her puckered up lips. This was one of her flirting tips she always gave me and the girls, pucker up. “Anyways, i need to buy lunch, anyone coming?” i said. Nearly everyone said no and showed that they had their own lunch apart form Jay. Yes, just my luck! “I need to buy my lunch too, can you show me where he canteen is?” he asked. “Sure” i said and began to walk away to the canteen as he followed me there.

“So what sort of stuff do you eat here then?” he asked. I laughed, “Probably the same sort of stuff as you, pizza, sandwiches, Panini’s, jacket potatoes, salads, pasta, chips all that rubbish” i said and smiled at him. When we got in he headed straight for the pizza and i went to grab a cheese Panini from the sandwich counter. I then grabbed a drink and head to the till while Jay grabbed two chocolate cookies and a drink. I smiled “Hungry?” i asked looking at the two slices of pizza and two cookies. “Yeah, im always hungry man” he said and paid for the food before walking back to the others with me. They were all laughing and joking. “Hey we were just explaining to them, your ‘dougie’ Taylor” said Poppy laughing hysterically at my face. “Oh shit guys, no” i said and cringed. I could feel myself going redder by the second. The dougie dance was something me and my cousins had made up where you do this dance with your legs, followed by a slut duck. It was a dance which we did to ‘teach me how to dougie’. “Go on then show us” said Josh laughing. “Oh my god, no, not by myself anyway” i said and cringed at the though. “Fine i will do it with you then” said chanel and we stood up infront of them and shouted “TEACH ME HOW TO DOUGIE TEACH ME TEACH ME HOW TO DOUGIE” and then the slut duck which made all the boys eyes pop out of there heads which cracked Chanel up. To be honest everyone was laughing and i just found it funny. It was banter i guess. Nothing harmful. They were all cracking up and in stitched rolling around on the floor laughing, even Poppy and Lara who had seen me do that so many times before now. We all gave each other our numbers figuring it would come in handy at some point and just talked and laughed for the rest of lunchtime, it was nice.

Lunch ended far too soon for my liking so i had to listen to a whole lesson of English before i was let out of the guarded gates of hell that were school. For a first day it hadn’t been all that bad. It had been a weird first day though. Boys had joined the school for a week which was different on so many levels and I had made six new friends with those boys. I walked home extremely happy and with my head held high. I walked up to our house. It wasn’t big, but it wasn’t small either. It was a three bedroom detatched house in a street with lots of other houses in like an estate. But a nice estate not a council estate. The house was red brick with a cream front door and a cream door garage with lots of flowerpots and hanging baskets outside as my mum loved gardening. Thats the reason we bought this house, it had a pretty big garden and was only a ten minute walk from the towns beach so you got the best of both worlds. I walked in through the front door “Hey mum, im home!” i said and slammed the front door behind me before dumping my bag upstairs and walking into the kitchen where mum was cooking a casserole for dinner.

 “Hey darling, how was your first day back?” asked mum smiling at me happily. “Yeah it was good, hey mum you wont believe whats going on at our school for two weeks” i said and began to explain the whole fiasco to her. “Well that sounds lovely darling, but now its time for homework and studying so go on up to your room” mum said and i left her to the cooking and walked upstairs to my bedroom. My bedroom was small i guess and was not the best decorated in the house, but i had these orange and pink curtains made out of like silk and cream walls and a pink duvet cover. The walls were covered in photographs and posters of me, my friends, family, memories, holidays and bands. My bed was in one corner and my wardrobe was in another with a mirror fixed on the inside of the wardrobe. I had a chest of draws next to the wardrobe and a desk near the door which held all my school books, dictionaries, revision notes and all sorts. I then had a small dressing table (and i mean small) with all my make-up, creams, face wash, face wipes, perfume and jewellery on a jewellery stand in the corner of the table. I guess i liked my room although i had been begging mum for a redecorate for ages now. Dad wasn’t very good at DIY though so it wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

I got out a pen and my Spanish homework from my bag, i couldn’t help but wonder whether Jay was sitting at home doing his now or what else he may be doing. I got on with it writing and re writing out verbs and infinitive verbs and what ever else i had to do and then began on my maths homework. After finished with the maths i marched downstairs as i could tell by the smell that dinner was almost ready. PING! My phone buzzed loudly from my blazer pocket, so i sauntered over to the coat hanger and got it out of my pocket. It was from Jay. It said ‘Hey Tay, i was wondering if you could help me with the Spanish, im in the shit, thanks J’ i smiled at the text and took my phone with me to the dinner table.

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