The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight.

There were so many ways it could have all turned out differently.
Or maybe it wouldn't have mattered maybe it was just meant to be. Maybe just maybe it was fate.


14. You Again


     I finally stopped crying and then washed mt face to try to get rid of the tear marks. So I wouldn't upset my dad and worry him anymore on his wedding day. I placed a smile on my face and decided that I looked presentable enough to go back. So I walked out of the bathroom and began going back to the party.

     There he was. My breath caught and then I smiled.  He was sitting in his chair looking down and bouncing his legs. He must have heard me because he looked up and as soon as he saw me a big smile grew on his face. I ran over to him and jumped into his arms for a hug. He caught me and chuckled, but also sounded relieved.

     "How did you find me?" I asked him as he put me down. 

     "Well you left these on the plane." He said as he pulled out my wedding invitation and my iPod. "I had to bring them back to you, I didn't want you to be without your iPod." He paused. "Plus I just wanted to see you again. I have been looking for you everywhere. I went to the church the wedding was at first, but I missed you by a couple of seconds. Then I came here, but I was stuck on the highway because of a lot of traffic."

     "You did all that for me?" I asked I couldn't believe it. He had fallowed me all around London all day. Maybe he really did like me. Then I remembered he had an interview too. So I asked him, "What about your interview?"

     "Well ya I did miss my interview, but it was worth it because I wanted to see you again too I should have just said yes when you asked me to come here with you on the plane. I know we just met and have only been apart for a couple of hours but I have already missed you a lot." 

     Wow he really did like me he even missed his interview for me! "I missed you too, and I thought I would never see you again and that we wouldn't be able to find each other again."

     "I will always find you."


     Sorry I forgot to put that her dad's name is Wesley and most people call him Wes.




     I was dancing and I turned around and I noticed that Cassie wasn't there anymore, I glanced over at our table and she wasn't there either. I began to worry but just figured she was in the bathroom she didn't come back for a while so I walked over to the doors to see if she was in there. I was about to open them and as soon as I opened them a crack I saw her run across the room and jump into someones arms. I knew I probably shouldn't watch her, but I was her dad and wanted to know what was going on. They started talking and I couldn't hear then and then it all clicked. That must have been the bot she met on the plane and was so upset over. 

     Meg came up behind me and I didn't notice it and she whispered, "What are you doing" in my ear and made me jump. She laughed and I answered her, "Look I think Cassie found that boy she was so upset over, or rather he found her."

     She looked through the door and said, "Oh that's him I saw him when we were leaving the church I didn't know who he was." 

     "Ya well it doesn't matter he found her now. We should get back to our party." We both looked through the door one more time and she looked really happy. Then we walked back to the dance floor to rejoin the party.



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