The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight.

There were so many ways it could have all turned out differently.
Or maybe it wouldn't have mattered maybe it was just meant to be. Maybe just maybe it was fate.


11. Wedding

     Cassie's POV

     The cab pulled up to a beautiful church and I knew that it was where my dad's wedding was from the picture on the invitation. I paid the driver, got out, and grabbed my bags. I walked uo the doors mentaly preparing myself to meet my knew step mother. I took a deep breath before walking in and opened the doors to the church. I took a step in to the church and my dad saw me right away and walked over and gave me a hug.

     "I missed you so much." He told me. 'Really because you didn't seem to have a problem leaving me.' I thought to my self, but I obviously didn't say that out loud. I guess you could say I was still mad at him but honestly who wouldn't be.

     "I missed you too." Was my reply.

     "Alright come on we have to get you into hair and makeup now if we want to be able to start the ceremony on time and you still have to meet Meggan." Oh ya don't remind me I was regreting that the most. I almost didn't want to like her she stole my father from me so why should I like her. I had been e-mailing her for the past few months and I started to learn things about her but I was still regreting meeting her in person.

     "Okay." He led me to a staircase heading to the basement of the church. I followed him down the flight of stairs and saw a plain white room with make up and curling irons sprawled everywhere. Then I saw Meggan, she looked beautiful in her dress, she was medium hight with long dark brown hair that was done in ringlets down her back with some pieces pinned back. Her dress was simple and floor length with alot of lace but it didn't look like to much, with some beading around her waist and a long vail.

     My dad walked me towards her and said, "Meggan this is Cassandra, Cassandra this is Meggan."

     "Hi." I said.

     "Hello I have heard so much about you and only being able to talk to you through e-mails didn't help me get to know you much I can't wait to learn more about you."

     "Ya, I hope to learn more about you too." Not. "You look beautiful." That was true and I was trying to be nice.

     "Okay I'll leave you girls to it, try to hurry up getting ready Cass." My dad said.

     "Okay see you later." With that he ran up the stairs.

     "Okay Cassie, first lets get you in your dress." I put down my bags and pulled out the lavender dress that she had gotten for all of the brides maids. Luckly it wasn't to wrinkled I put it on and some of the bridesmaids helped smooth out the wrinkles. I then sat down in a chair and allowed them to start working on my hair and make up I sat there having to hold the odd piece of hair or close my eyes, but otherwise I was just left with my thoughts. Of coarse my thoughts wandered to Liam who I had momentarily forgoten about durring all of the excitement from seeing my dad and meeting my   step-mom. But now that I had the time to think my thoughts wandered right back to him. I don't think I'll ever see him again and this upset me alot. I really like him, I can't believe I didn't get his phone number.

     My thoughts were interupted by one of the brides maids who I think was named Ashley said, "Okay all done." I got up and walked over to the full length mirror, my dress looked great not even one wrinkle left in the fabric, my hair was done up in a intricate bun with some hair left down in curles that framed my face. My make up was verry simple and I didn't have alot on, but it made my eyes pop. 

     "We have to go now." Meggan told me. We walked up the stairs and waited outside the doors of the wedding. The music started playing and the bride maids started making there way down the aisle. Almost everyone had gona and it was only me and Meggan left.

     I started walking and when I got to the end stood on the left side of the altar. There were tons of people there and I didn't know anyone except for my father. Then the music changed slightly and Meggan began her decent down the aisle. All eyes turned to her and I looked at my father and his eyes shined with love. Thats when I decided that if my father loved her so much I could at least give her a chance.

     When she got to the end they joined hands and both looked at me and smiled. The ceremony proceded and it was what you would expect at most weddings. They kissed and we all began to exit the church. We went down to the dressing room again to fix ourselves before we had to take pictures. I was still thinking about Liam and to see how much my dad and Meggan loved eachother just made me feel worse and miss Liam more. Meggan must have noticed how upset I was because she came over to me and asked me what was wrong.

     I must have looked pretty pathetic because she gave me a quick hug and like she could read my mind said, "Who's the guy." I gave her a strange look and said, "How did you know.'

     She smiled at me and said, "Trust me I know when a girl is upset over a guy it's total different then just upset in general."   

     "Well there was this guy I met on the plane....." I said

     "Oh really then whats wrong?" She asked.

     "I met him before I got on the plane by spilling coffee on him. Then I lost him while I was bording the plane. then I found him again because he was sitting in the sat next to me. But after that I got of the plane before him because I though he was following me and he wasn't and I didn't give him my phone number. I am afriad I won't ever see him again and I really like him." I was almost in tears at this point compleatly against my will.

     "Oh thats really unfortunate, but you could still see him again. It's more likely that you will see someone for a third time after seeing them two times." She told me.

     "Really?" I asked.

     "Yes, and if he likes you as much as you seem to like him I am sure he is already looking for you." I doubted this because he had his interview but I didn't say it.

     "Thanks." I said and plastered a fake smile on my face.

     "Your welcome, come on lets go get our pictures taken." I followed her outside and we bagan to pose for pictures.



     I was getting close to the church I could see it in the distance. There were a ton of cars and a couple of limos out front. People were getting into the cars and limos and there was a lot of traffic so we were inching our way forward. There was no way we were going to be able to pull up fron so I told the cab driver to go around back. I didn't want to miss her when she was so close to me. The cab driver pulled over in the back of the church I quickly paid him and hopped out of the car as fast as I could, sprinting for the front of the church.



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