The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight.

There were so many ways it could have all turned out differently.
Or maybe it wouldn't have mattered maybe it was just meant to be. Maybe just maybe it was fate.


5. Take Off

      Cassie's POV  

     I walked onto the plane and found my seat I stored my carry on, took out my book and plopped down in my seat. I was disappointed I didn't give him my number or even my last name for that matter and I didn't know his.I was lost in my thoughts about him when all of a sudden I herd a voice from next to me.

    "Hello miss I believe this is my seat." I knew that voice as I looked up and huge smile grew on my face.

    "Liam!" I exclaimed. He smiled and sat down next to me. "I thought I wasn't ever going to see you again after I had to board and you weren't back yet."

    "Hey, you can't get rid of me that easily." The pilot came over the intercom and said that we needed to sit a buckle up for take off. I started to get a little nervous because I hated take offs and landings and Liam must have noticed.   

    "Hey are you okay?" he asked.

     "Ya I answered I just hate take offs and landings." I replied.

    "Oh okay, it's okay you have me here you can hold my hand if you want." he said as he held his hand out to me. I grabbed it and he squeezed reassuringly. Then we started to pick up speed down the runway. I closed my eyes and he pulled me closer to him and started singing in my ear. He sounded really good and I could have sworn I had heard his voice before. His soothing actions helped calm me down and soon enough we were high up in the air and I was okay again.

     "Thanks that was a lot easier then it normally is, and you have a really good voice." 

    "So I've been told." He chuckled and smiled at me. I felt like I was missing something but I couldn't figure out what it was.

   We sat there in a comfortable silence for a little while and then I leaned onto Liam shoulder and  dossed off. 


    Liam's  POV   

    She told me I had a good voice and it was still strange to me that after my singing to her she still didn't know who I was. She looked sleepy so I shifted my self so she could get comfy and soon she fell asleep on my shoulder. She looked adorable while she slept and seemed so innocent. I felt bad for not telling her who I was, but I loved that she like me just for me and not the fame and fortune and that she didn't freak out. I decided that when she woke up I would tell her the truth. I started to realize that I was tiered too and fell asleep with her.


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