The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight.

There were so many ways it could have all turned out differently.
Or maybe it wouldn't have mattered maybe it was just meant to be. Maybe just maybe it was fate.


15. Phone Numbers


     I heard her walk out of the bathroom and looked up and smiled. She smiled back and then ran over and jumped into my arms. I caught her and laughed. 

     Then I told her that I had been looking everywhere for her all day and she seemed shocked. I didn't know why she was a great girl who wouldn't want to do something like that for her. Then she asked me about my interview and told her I missed it, but that I wanted to see her again and that I had missed her. She seemed so happy she told me that she thought she wasn't ever going to see me again, but there was no way I would ever let that  happen. So I told her that I would always find her. She hugged me, longer this time so we could really enjoy it and I breathed in. She smelled really good like honeysuckle. We pulled away and smiled at each other.



      We hugged and then when we pulled away I remembered that we were in the middle of a hotel lobby and that mt dad's wedding reception was going on in the other room and that I should probably go back.

      "I should probably go back to the wedding reception my dad might start worrying about me if he notices I am gone." I told him

      "Ya you probably should, but is it to late for me to accept you invite or should I just go now that you have your things back."

      "No! don't leave come back with me please." Wow Cass smooth that didn't sound desperate or anything. (notice the sarcasm) I guess I kind of panicked at the thought of him leaving again. I didn't want to lose him again. Which reminds me.......

     "Hey, lets exchange numbers just in case we get separated again because at our rate that's bound to happen."

     "Good idea." He handed me his phone and I handed him mine We typed in our numbers and he took a picture of himself so I did to even though I am sure I must look awful.

     "Okay well lets head in." He said while handing my phone back to me. 

     "Ya lets go, now you get to meet my father." 

     "Can't wait lets go."

     We walked towards the door and then stepped into the room. We walked over to my table and were about to sit down when we were tackled to the floor.



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