The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight.

There were so many ways it could have all turned out differently.
Or maybe it wouldn't have mattered maybe it was just meant to be. Maybe just maybe it was fate.


13. Here We Go Again


     I picked up my stuff and looked at the wedding invitation just my luck it had the wedding reception's address on it too. I guess I was off to find her again. This was kind of getting fun and exciting. I can't wait to see her again. Well lets not waste anymore time. I ran to the curb and got a cab and gave them the new address  'Here we go again' I thought to myself. There is no way I could miss her this time I left right after her and the reception will last for a few hours.

    I sat back and began to wait for the car to finally arrive at the hotel so I could see Cassie again. I couldn't wait.


     In the car I got to know the brides maids, and was soon laughing along with them. I no longer felt alone or like an outsider. They all seemed to be really nice and they were really funny.

     We arrived a the hotel and it was stunning. It was huge and fancy. We walked in and there was a huge crystal chandelier in the middle of the ceiling that took my breath away. The manager led us to a pair of double doors that led to the reception hall. I walked in and it was just a beautiful as the main entrance there was a lot of purple and lavender like the color of my dress and it looked great.

     We all started eating and drinking the food that was put out before the main coarse. There was a pot of coffee which instantly reminded me of Liam.

     Eventualy we all sat down in our seats and waited for our diners to be served to us. You could either have chicken or stake, I picked stake because it is my favorite food.

     The food came out and the sides were mashed potatoes, green beans, and a salad which came out before the rest of the meal. It tasted great but I didn't eat much because I was still upset about Liam.

     When we finished eating people started to make there way to the dance floor, but I didn't want to dance for obvious reasons I wasn't in the mood. When one of the boys that was there asked me to dance I politely declined and just watched people enjoy them selves and have fun from the table I was sitting at.

     The DJ announced that my dad and Meggan would be sharing there first dance. Everyone returned to there seats and waited for them to begin. The music began to play and they danced. When the song ended and they stopped dancing everyone applauded and then my dad asked me to go dance with him for a father daughter dance. I couldn't say no so I walked up to him and we began to dance. 

     He leaned down to whisper in my ear and said, "Cass what is wrong you have looked really upset all night. Are you mad at me, do you not like Meggan? What's wrong you are worrying me."

     I didn't talk for a second and we continued dancing and then I sighed. I decided to tell him about Liam. I told him everything, how we met, our conversation on the plane, finding out he was famous, getting separated. I told him everything except our kiss. Who would want to tell there dad that before he has even met him. Plus he probably won't ever meat him anyway.

     He stared at me for a second and then said, "Oh that's not what I was expecting. I thought you were mad at me or something. I am sorry that you guys got separated."

     I answered him that it was okay even though it wasn't really. Then the song ended and we walked back to our table and sat down. We talked for a while and I started to feel a lot better and then he pulled me back on to the dance floor. We started dancing and he was so bad I couldn't help myself and I started laughing. Then the song changed. Of course just when I was having fun and forgetting about Liam his song just had to come on. I stopped dancing and the smile dropped from my face. I slipped of the dance floor and as soon as I was out of sight I ran into the bathroom to try to collect myself, but I couldn't and just let the tears flow that I have been holding back all day. I sat on the floor and cried.



     Stupid traffic! I have been in the car for a good hour and a half now and we are barely even moving, inching our way forward on the highway.

     We finally reached the exit to get to the hotel that the wedding reception was being held at. We drove for 10 more minutes and then pulled up to a huge hotel. I paid the driver and hopped out of the car and grabbed my bags.

     When I entered the hotel I asked the receptionist where the wedding reception was and she pointed to a pair of double doors across the room. As soon as I looked at them they opened and Cassie ran out and into the girls bathroom.

     I said thank you to the receptionist and ran over to the bathroom. She had looked really upset and I wondered why. Then I heard the music that was playing in the wedding reception. It was What Makes You Beautiful. That could have been why she was upset. If she actually liked me and was as upset as I was when we were separated. Only one way to find out. Ask her.

     I waited for what seemed like forever and she still hadn't come out of the bathroom. I got worried and didn't know if she was okay, something else could be wrong and that is why she was upset. But I couldn't just walk into the girls bathroom. Could I?

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