The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight.

There were so many ways it could have all turned out differently.
Or maybe it wouldn't have mattered maybe it was just meant to be. Maybe just maybe it was fate.


7. Confessions

    Cassie's POV

     I was really mad at him for not being honest with me, but then he took a deep breath and told me that he loved being with me and acting normal and everything, and then he said that he liked me . was so happy that I did some thing that neither of us expected. I kissed him.

     I pulled away and he smiled, "So I guess your not mad at me anymore." He said hopefully.

     "No I'm not." Is all I said.

     He smiled and said,"Do you know why I am going to London now too."

     "Ya I read it in a magazine. That's how I figured out who you are and just so you know I haven't heard of you before, but I think I have heard one of your songs before because your voice sounded familiar. But I don't know what it's called."

     "It was probably What Makes You Beautiful because that's are most popular song and it's on the radio a lot." He said.  

     "I don't know can you sing it for me so I can figure it out." I asked.


     Then he began to sing as soon as he started I knew that it was the song I had heard on the radio, but I let him finish and enjoyed the sound of his voice. I then told him that that was the song I had heard before."

     "I thought it would be, but hey enough about me why don't you tell me about yourself I hardly know anything about you. I don't even know your last name"

     "Well my name is Cassandra Rossetti, I have lived in Connecticut since I was born and my parents split up and got divorced four years ago. My mom was really upset and so was I, but my dad didn't really seem to have a problem with it considering he moved to London and met a new girl and is now getting married. I play the guitar in my free time and absolutely love to read. I play basketball, softball, and I swim. I was the valedictorian of my class when I graduated a month ago. I am 17 and my birthday is on June 30th. I am deathly afraid of spiders and snakes. I haven't had a boyfriend since my soft more year, but I didn't really want one I was focused on my sports and grades. And now I am on a plane with you." I finished and then added. "I just have one question."

     "Ask away."

     " Okay, why are you flying all alone and your other band members aren't with you?" 

      "Well I had some last minute things I had to do and I told them that I would just meet them at the airport, but I took longer then I thought I was going to and they called and said the plane was leaving and I had just gotten to the airport so I told them I would just catch the next plane and they could leave, but the next flight wasn't until this morning, but I didn't want to take one that early so I opted for the one at 11:35 instead."

      "Oh, so you missed your flight too. I was supposed to be on the one this morning but I missed it by a minute. I guess it's a good thing we missed our flights though otherwise we would never have met."



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