The Darkand cold night


1. Darkness

Im running away, away from the creature of the night. Dark and massive with heavy footsteps, evil and scary noises coming from all directions. I turn to the right then to the left. The noise has stopped, the only sound remaining was my heart beat. My face was sore where the branches hit me like whips. I go to run again and the sound of panting comes from of above, every move i make. the noise becomes louder and louder. The smell of sulfur makes itself present. I run  and gag at the same time, not a good combination. My legs became tired unable to hold me. I turn back to the sound of footsteps and growling sounds, close, to close. Unable to see where i was going I tripped over a branch. When I turn myself around all is quiet. I turn my head to observe all surroundings. A tree branch snaps, all goes still then up from above. The monster jumps on top of me. The only noise you could hear was one small scream then silence. All that was remaining was a cold dark night, and the fear of the dark nd massive creature that runs through the night feeding on your life.

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